Sunday, March 6, 2011

My oh My..

It has been a while! I have slow weeks and busy weeks of this semester but somehow I have not managed to blog like I hoped to. This story though, gave me motivation to blog.. or atleast link. Many of you who read this blog know where I am from. But many of you don't really know where I'm from... or how it really is there. I can not explain to you the closeness of this little town I call home. Our boys basketball team won the state championship game last Thursday. Even though I have been an alum for a whopping 3 years now I am still so excited. I know the cheerleaders, the coach and most of the team.. and I can guess I know every fan! I don't think there is a much better example of our towns bond than this blog post from a parent in the community. I absolutely love the way it is written. If you get a chance, go over and read her whole blog... but especially read about our Hometown Heros.