Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Woodstock and Double Decker

It has been a long time since I've written 3 posts in one night. Tonight is the night though. I've been slacking lately so I'm playing a little catch up. I have 3 class says of school left in my sophomore year! Wowzers!
Last weekend was Double Decker and Woodstock. We almost got blown away and did get rained on a little bit. All in all it was a incredibly fun weekend though. One of those weekends where you just love being in Ox. Lots of time was spent at the square, live music on Saturday night and Double Decker on Sunday(moved bc of the weather). Baseball games Saturday and Sunday.. we swept LSU by the way! Some guys even brought brooms on Sunday which made my day. My mom came to visit because we had parents weekend here at the Deeg. Friday night we had Taylor Grocery catered to the DG house and a fabulous little DG dinner party which was so much fun! Saturday night some girls and I went to Lenoras on the square where we had an amazing dinner as well! I was pleased to host Lauren for the weekend as well. She's coming to school here next year and it's always fun to come up and get a feel for things early. My weekend recap is a little unorganized and ramble-y to say the least but this was a fabulous weekend!!
Now it's the last week of class before finals. Spring fever is completely in swing.. I never want to do anything school related and I love being outside! I have to keep reminding myself that school is still going on and "You can do this!" I tell myself this alot... I don't know why but it keeps me going!
Off to bed for now.. my writing is getting short!


Avery is Four!!

Sunday was my neice's 4th birthday! O how time flies! I can remeber sitting/sleeping in the waiting room my sophmore year of high school just waiting on that little girl to arrive! She was the first grandchild on both sides so it was unbelieveably exciting!! I absolutely hate that I don't get to see her more.. and college always interferes with her birthday celebrations! They're coming to Ox in June though and I can not wait!

For the occasion here is a picture when she was only a day or so old..
And here is a picture from her party on Sunday(Hijacked from my sis-in-laws FB)...

She has grown so much!! This is one of those times where I start to feel old...
Happy Birthday Avery, Love you!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm usually a pink girl but...

I decided to try a pretty blue! Pink pretty much decribes me in a nutshell. It's not even an option if color comes up. I dont think that I have ever worn anything on my nails not in the pink/red family before(unless your count "mad as a hatter" as not). Colors are all the rage right now though so I headed to the drug store and fell in love with " For Audrey" by China Glaze. It's something different and I love it. This post is really over due... I first painted them about a week ago! I just redid them though.. they needed a bit of a touch-up.. esspecially my poor pitiful toe that has been through so much trama these past weeks! haha

For Audrey-

Sunday, April 18, 2010

So we headed down to NOLA to experience Old South..

This we did! Friday around lunch time we all packed up and headed to New Orleans. We had such an eventful ride down. We stopped for lunch in Jackson at PF Changs which was fabulous and then we continued on our way after a brief trip to the Apple store(just for fun). We traveled the rest of the way with the windows down and the music up! What a fabulous ride down minus the traffic...

Friday night we had dinner at Emeril's DelMonico. They had a lovely little piano player that kept us entertained but wouldn't play Dixie for us. Yes, we asked! The food was fantastic and the company was wonderful!! After dinner we proceeded to Bourbon Street. We spent the night dancing in the streets, sipping sweet drinks, and just having a ball! I am not usually a late nighter but this trip I was one of the last ones in. We saw the clock hit 4AM.. Be Proud of me!!

Saturday morning we strolled down to Jackson Square to get a bite to eat. We certainly could not have asked for a prettier day!! I just love the french quarter.. We didn't have much time though because the buses left for the plantation at 3:30!

Old South, KA's formal, is a popular thing here at Ole Miss. It unlike any other. The girls wear antebellum dresses complete with hoop skirts and the boys wear suits with tails. Its always at a plantation. Wednesday before we were invited to the KA house to receive our formal invitation and a rose, how cute?! It's name is very fitting, it's the old south. Anyhow this year it was at Houmas House which was absolutely beautiful. It had a beautiful fountain and patio area as well as a gorgeous front lawn. Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves here and danced the night away! But this fun isn't over yet.. of course we headed back to Bourbon when the buses returned to New Orleans. We had a great time yet again! Around 3 though everyone somehow scattered and only a few of us were to be found. I then decided to accompany Patrick and Martha Claire to Cafe Du Monde. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat so the walk was kind of sketch to me but it was all worth it!! We finished our night with a powdered sugar fight!! The car ride back today was long to say the least but so definitely worth it!! I had an absolute blast and would do it all again in the morning!! For now though I'm exhausted and ready for bed!

Girls picture from Friday-
Saturday morning stroll with a beautiful background-

Saturday Girl Picture-

Fabulous Date in front of the plantation-


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Derby Day Champs.. Back to Back!!

Currently I am typing this post blindly. My face is about oh 6 inches from the computer screen. Forgive me if my words are a little more misspelled than usual. The reason for this is I was laying in bed reading all of my favorite blogs (I'm an addict) before drifting off to sleep as usual and I realized I needed to update my own. My contacts were already out and my glasses have been in Stark for a couple of weeks now.. so here I am blind! If you know me well you know I'm not kidding. On a side note I keep trying to talk myself into believing I have pink eye- ever since I heard a girl mention it in class the other day I am convinced even though my eye is clearly not pink! Gotta be the pollen...

In other news.. We WON Derby Day again!! This is our second year in a row not to mention like our 18th win in 30 years or something like that. Yea..its kind of a big deal here at the Delta Gamma House. We like to win and we do it fairly and simply because we try out of our own free will! Our theme for our dance was Braveheart which of course was a hit with all the guys. Check out our video on youtube here. .

Saturday after the dance competition and Derby Day winner announcement Sigma Chi had a luau at their house complete with pig roast and a slip-n-slide on their back deck. Wonderful idea for a Saturday afternoon. Somehow I made it out without being thrown in the water or EX sunburned into my face(see photo below). I'm just lucky I guess.. ;)
Friday night before the dance competition Sigma Chi had US (a fabulously crazy rock band) at their house party. It was a great night of dancing and screaming of lyrics at the top of our lungs! Thursday and Friday night KA Fight Night was also going on. This is their philanthropy fundraiser of the year and all kinds of guys have boxing matches. Not quite my cup of tea to see guys fight and even bring blood but the company and music made up for it! Good times!

This week is slow school wise for me which is much appreciated. I even got to run home for the afternoon to pick up my dress for Old South this weekend (YAY) and to visit with my family for a bit. Life however has been extremely crazy lately.. too much for the blog though.

This weekend is going to be a blast!! I can not wait!!

All dressed up like Brave Heart for Derby Day..

In front of the slip-n-slide at Sigma Chi..

Until later.. Love,

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Well I'm back to Ox after a weekend at home to celebrate the smiling holiday of Easter. Here's how my weekend went-

Thursday I traveled on down to Starkville to accompany one of my very best friends in the whole world to his date party! It was a nice treat because we never get to see each other much and just don't talk like we used to. Anyhow it was a whole lot of fun seeing Jack and all of his friends and getting a peak into Starkville life. We really do run things a little different here in Ox. Pictures to come from this even because I didn't take my camera and the one picture I did take on my phone is terrible. No worries I'll just borrow one from FB when someone puts some on.
Friday I also played catch up with a few friends from high school. Skyylar and I stay in constant touch but I haven't seen Angileah in ages so it was good to share a fantastic meal at Harveys with them! We had planned on seeing "The Last Song" after dinner but believe it or not it was sold out.. I was disappointed to say the least. So we settled for a dessert run instead. This totally made up for the movie! Turtle cheesecake was amazing.. I especially loved the chocolate cheesecake bottom layer which will not surprise you if you know me any at all. I have a slight obsession with chocolate!
Saturday was a lazy day spent mostly with my Nanny and Mama. These two ladies mean more to me than anyone or anything in the world so to say the least it was a great day!
Sunday/Easter. The Easter Bunny came to see me. Although I am 20 years old he still loves me.. but my gifts have changed a little over the years. This year in my basket along with all the candy (including a chocolate bunny) was a fabulous new swim suit! I can't wait to try it out... Anyhow I started my day by getting all dressed up in my Sunday best. Every year we always get new Easter dresses. I love this and have always loved this since I was a little girl.. something about that first REAL springtime dress of the season just says happiness!Off to church I went.. late as usual.. I tried so very hard to be early this Sunday but time is never on my side. Our church was packed! I haven't seen it this full in ages.. I haven't been to my home church regularly since I graduated high school almost 2 years ago. (2 YEARS!! Wow I just realized how long I've been out of high school.. a bit scary!) But anyhow, isn't it crazy how everyone comes on Easter?! I am so very thankful for Easter and all it means. What a wonderful God we have!! After church we had some family over to eat Easter lunch. I am so very thankful for a good home cooked meal these days and big family meals are always elaborate!! The afternoon ended with a nap and packing of all my things to return to school..
And here I am.. I am completely unpacked. I attempted to study for my genetics test on Thursday but failed, Im becoming a horrible procrastinator. This is going to be a crazy busy week because I have two tests and this fabulous thing we like to call DERBY DAY! DG won last year and we'll have to work hard to hold our title this year but I know we can do it! I'll explain more later because my eyes keep trying to shut tonight... but I'll leave you with a scene from out Derby Day victory last year!