Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Derby Day Champs.. Back to Back!!

Currently I am typing this post blindly. My face is about oh 6 inches from the computer screen. Forgive me if my words are a little more misspelled than usual. The reason for this is I was laying in bed reading all of my favorite blogs (I'm an addict) before drifting off to sleep as usual and I realized I needed to update my own. My contacts were already out and my glasses have been in Stark for a couple of weeks now.. so here I am blind! If you know me well you know I'm not kidding. On a side note I keep trying to talk myself into believing I have pink eye- ever since I heard a girl mention it in class the other day I am convinced even though my eye is clearly not pink! Gotta be the pollen...

In other news.. We WON Derby Day again!! This is our second year in a row not to mention like our 18th win in 30 years or something like that. Yea..its kind of a big deal here at the Delta Gamma House. We like to win and we do it fairly and simply because we try out of our own free will! Our theme for our dance was Braveheart which of course was a hit with all the guys. Check out our video on youtube here. .

Saturday after the dance competition and Derby Day winner announcement Sigma Chi had a luau at their house complete with pig roast and a slip-n-slide on their back deck. Wonderful idea for a Saturday afternoon. Somehow I made it out without being thrown in the water or EX sunburned into my face(see photo below). I'm just lucky I guess.. ;)
Friday night before the dance competition Sigma Chi had US (a fabulously crazy rock band) at their house party. It was a great night of dancing and screaming of lyrics at the top of our lungs! Thursday and Friday night KA Fight Night was also going on. This is their philanthropy fundraiser of the year and all kinds of guys have boxing matches. Not quite my cup of tea to see guys fight and even bring blood but the company and music made up for it! Good times!

This week is slow school wise for me which is much appreciated. I even got to run home for the afternoon to pick up my dress for Old South this weekend (YAY) and to visit with my family for a bit. Life however has been extremely crazy lately.. too much for the blog though.

This weekend is going to be a blast!! I can not wait!!

All dressed up like Brave Heart for Derby Day..

In front of the slip-n-slide at Sigma Chi..

Until later.. Love,

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