Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Well I'm back to Ox after a weekend at home to celebrate the smiling holiday of Easter. Here's how my weekend went-

Thursday I traveled on down to Starkville to accompany one of my very best friends in the whole world to his date party! It was a nice treat because we never get to see each other much and just don't talk like we used to. Anyhow it was a whole lot of fun seeing Jack and all of his friends and getting a peak into Starkville life. We really do run things a little different here in Ox. Pictures to come from this even because I didn't take my camera and the one picture I did take on my phone is terrible. No worries I'll just borrow one from FB when someone puts some on.
Friday I also played catch up with a few friends from high school. Skyylar and I stay in constant touch but I haven't seen Angileah in ages so it was good to share a fantastic meal at Harveys with them! We had planned on seeing "The Last Song" after dinner but believe it or not it was sold out.. I was disappointed to say the least. So we settled for a dessert run instead. This totally made up for the movie! Turtle cheesecake was amazing.. I especially loved the chocolate cheesecake bottom layer which will not surprise you if you know me any at all. I have a slight obsession with chocolate!
Saturday was a lazy day spent mostly with my Nanny and Mama. These two ladies mean more to me than anyone or anything in the world so to say the least it was a great day!
Sunday/Easter. The Easter Bunny came to see me. Although I am 20 years old he still loves me.. but my gifts have changed a little over the years. This year in my basket along with all the candy (including a chocolate bunny) was a fabulous new swim suit! I can't wait to try it out... Anyhow I started my day by getting all dressed up in my Sunday best. Every year we always get new Easter dresses. I love this and have always loved this since I was a little girl.. something about that first REAL springtime dress of the season just says happiness!Off to church I went.. late as usual.. I tried so very hard to be early this Sunday but time is never on my side. Our church was packed! I haven't seen it this full in ages.. I haven't been to my home church regularly since I graduated high school almost 2 years ago. (2 YEARS!! Wow I just realized how long I've been out of high school.. a bit scary!) But anyhow, isn't it crazy how everyone comes on Easter?! I am so very thankful for Easter and all it means. What a wonderful God we have!! After church we had some family over to eat Easter lunch. I am so very thankful for a good home cooked meal these days and big family meals are always elaborate!! The afternoon ended with a nap and packing of all my things to return to school..
And here I am.. I am completely unpacked. I attempted to study for my genetics test on Thursday but failed, Im becoming a horrible procrastinator. This is going to be a crazy busy week because I have two tests and this fabulous thing we like to call DERBY DAY! DG won last year and we'll have to work hard to hold our title this year but I know we can do it! I'll explain more later because my eyes keep trying to shut tonight... but I'll leave you with a scene from out Derby Day victory last year!


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