Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Party Weekend #2

Let me catch you up on my life-
Physics test last Wednesday = terrible!
Thursday night was our FORMAL!! It was at a cool place off of Beale in Memphis! The band was amazing and we danced the night away! I had a complete blast..
My fabulous date to formal! Just wait Old South.. you're not ready for us!!

All of the girls on the back of the bus!

Friday I skipped my class and slept in. It was very much needed since I hadn't really gotten much sleep all week since I had that test on Wednesday not to mention we didn't get back to the Deeg after formal until about 3AM. That night we had charity bowl. We did great as usual but only came out with 3rd. There was a really fabulous rap band was at the levee so that's where we went! It was tons of fun and when we left we even got to see the new Oxford Police on horseback!!

Saturday was KA Hayseed! Fun does not even start to describe it! It was a field party complete with piles of hay and trailers with kegs! The theme was redneck and everyone came in their cutoffs of course! We keep it classy here at Ole Miss!! ha

Tearing up the dance floor..

DG girls at Hayseed!

More to come later..

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