Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Weekend Before Craziness

I've had a nice relaxing weekend. Excluding spring break and Easter weekend I don't have a free weekend until school is out. It's exciting in a way because springtime in Ox is the pretty much the best ever. I love love love afternoon baseball games and fraternity's spring parties are soo much fun! Anyhow with that being said Friday night I kind of layed low. Em Ellen Megan and I tried out a restaurant that is fairly new to Oxford. It's a sea food restaurant which can seem little sketch at first thought because we are no where near the coast. But we tried it anyway and it was pretty good. I got the tilapia and it was great! After that we just rented a movie.. horrible!! It was called "Invention of Lying" or something like that. The actors were good so we thought it had to be good but we were wrong! Then we called it a night. Saturday morning I took a practice PCAT. That's the entrance exam for pharmacy school. I'm pretty sure this was a waste of time but at least I can say I did it and am a bit ahead of the game. When that was finished I met my mama in tupelo for a little shopping. I've noticed lately that my closet is lacking in 2 areas.. business casual and just plain casual. Yesterday I discovered petite sizes yesterday. I usually shop at stores like Forever 21 or just around the square so length usually isn't a problem but yesterday since I was shopping for more dressy outfits in big girl stores I found it to be a problem. Everything was hitting be at or below the knee. I'm already short and when something hits me there I look even shorter!So we wondered to the petite section of Ann Taylor and everything was a perfect fint! Yay for grown-up clothes!! Last night we went out to eat for my step dad's birthday. He's not a usual step dad, he's pretty much my dad! He's been around since I was 5 and we love each other like the real thing!! Anyhow I came home from that and hung out with my mom a little bit then at about 10 went over to Megs for "just a few minutes" and ended up getting home at a whopping 2:45 in the morning!! We had alot to catch up on obviously! We always do. She'll be in Ox in a matter of months and I can't wait! This morning I went to my home church where I've gone since I could barely walk. Afterward we went to Mi Toro which is pretty much the only place people go after church to eat. You pretty much see the whole town there. This afternoon my mom and I attempted to watch a movie but I fell asleep half way though. I'll have to finish it later on tonight. This little glimpse of home makes me not want to go back to the hustle and bustle of school. This is a rare feeling these days. This semester I have really fallen in love with Ox. I've always loved it but this year I just haven't had any type of desire to leave it. Who wouldntwant to leave it? Minus a few my best friends are there, there's always something to do or a pretty sight to see. I really am not happier anywhere else these days... especially now that it's getting a little warmer! No worries, I'll be back in Ox tomorrow morning for physics! Bliss...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lucky Lucky Lavender

So today I treated myself to a new bottle of nail polish. This is beginning to become my small treat to myself every few weeks when I need a little something to brighten my day! I've been eyeing this color for a while now and decided to go for it today. It's in the new OPI Hong Kong collection. Although this is not a favorite (it could be because it followed such a statement "Mad as a Hatter") I still do like it. It comes out more of a pinky color than lavender but still very pretty and a bit springy which I was hoping for! That's all for now..

Toms.. One for One

Monday night our sister chapter of our sorority in another town hosted Black Mycoskie. I personally did not know the name at first word but Blake is the chief shoe giver for Toms Shoes. This is an organization that I really think is great! There purpose is the sweetest most heart touching I've heard of in retail. Every pair of Toms you buy sends a pair of Toms to a kid in need in another country. Blake started this company after visiting Argentina and helping some volunteers give donated shoes to kids without them. He was truly touched by this and he wondered where their next pair of shoes would come from. Kids grow so fast and people are not as fastly donating. He decided a for profit industry would survive best.. and he was right! They've already donated hundreds of shoes to needy kids since 2006 when they started. His story was really inspiring and kind of funny. He never expected to have the great success he has had today. He said his customers do the advertising and I guess I am a prime example. How can you not help such a great company though?! I personally LOVE my Toms and wear them all the time. There are so many different styles to choose from but I settled on silver glitter because if you know me very well... its just me!

Here is Blake himself giving shoes to the little kids.. Yes he is soooo cute in person!!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mardi Gras Date Party, Sunny Weekend

Well Friday was our date party. It was sooo much fun! Our Motown band ended up being rappers which was great for me. I'm a fan of rap. My date was a fabulous date.. it was a set up... we had never met until the night of It turned our wonderfully though. Everyone was decked out in beads and boas and even a few mask. I wore a simple gold dress that I absolutely love!!! All in all it was a successful night!!
Saturday my mom came to town for the afternoon to visit me for a little bit. We had BBB for lunch. I had chocolate chip pancakes and country ham.. both of which are my favorites! After that my mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the square. I could not have asked for more perfect weather! It was sunny and just warm enough not to need a sweater. I love days like that with my mom. We don't really have to do anything special except slow down and catch up! She likes to spoil me a little too which is nice.. I didn't come home empty handed. Saturday night my friends and I planned on having a low key night but instead decided last minute to go out. We had a blast people watching and enjoying the cool air on the balcony of a bar on the square. I LOVE Oxford. Today after church a few of us went to the baseball game. It was great ballgame weather. Its so much fun just to sit in bag chairs outside with a little sun and soak up the fabulous afternoon. The rain however cut our afternoon short. This weekend was just one of those that made me appreciate Oxford. There wasn't anything spectacular that stands out. It could have even partially been the weather but it was really just a great weekend to be here. I can't for more weekends like this as the spring arrives!
Date Party:

My camera literally had like 3 pictures on it so I didn't have any good group pictures but I found this one amusing!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Tease

Relief and Nervous. These are the two words I felt after my genetics test today. There wasn't quite enough time which makes me nervous about my grade but mainly I feel relief. I hate having a test hang over my head and it feels so good to have all my tests taken for a while. Today was a perfect day to be relieved. It was actually sunny and warm. Warm being about 45 which is warm compared to recent days. I just wanted to be outside all afternoon but it was bit chilly so instead of a walk around the square I opted for a drive. This is a tease that spring is here though I know it really isn't. There's still quite a few weeks before the pretty sunny warm weather is here!.. but I can not wait! Spring just makes everything better.. I'm not as stressed usually and I just want to smile. Its pleasant to be outside and fresh air is always a plus! And did I mention that SPRING PARTIES are almost here?? I love them.. they make me happy.. and they will be here before I know it! What's better than dressing up like a redneck and heading to a field party or competing against other sororities in dance and cheer competitions?! I personally live for the last two. I never quite got the dance and cheer out of my system in high school. All of that being said, I hope this nice weather sticks around for a while. Tomorrow night is date party.. the theme is Mardi Gras which should be fun! I can't wait to dance the night away.. hope my date is up for it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yes.. the president does live in the white house!

Ole Miss had it's ASB elections today! We are quite the political/campaigners here in my sorority. Frankly we just know how to get it done and win an election. This year we decided to run one of our very own, Virginia, for ASB PRESIDENT!! And wouldn't you know it, we won!! She won!! She is the most qualified person on campus in my opinion! She has 3 majors and a minor for goodness sakes plus she's involved in pretty much everything and on top of that shes as sweet as can be to absolutely everyone! I am so proud for her!!! And our sorority house is big and white.. the only white one on campus and it's kind of known for that. So yes the president does live in the white house! :)
Virginia's Campaign sticker-

Genetics test Thrusday!! UGH! Wish me luck..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines wasn't over yet...

So just about the time I finished my last post some of our friends called.. and they wanted to play in the snow while it was still here! So you know what I did? I got out of bed and redressed sporting my wedge rain boots and headed to the snow! We had so much fun! It was defiantly worth getting out of bed for!! There is a HUGE hill by some of the dorms and so we decided to see who all was sledding there. On the way there we somehow stumbled upon a random spontaneous snow ball fight!! How fun is that?! After being pelted and doing some pelting with snowballs we continued on to the hill. Sure enough there were tons of people sledding down the hill on whatever they could find. Lots of beer boxes left over from the weekend and a few plastic boxes and actually quite a few recycling lids from the bins randomly placed around campus. It was the most fun I've had in a while and defiantly will be a memory I will cherish forever!! :)
Outside the DEEG..

Posing in the snow..

The HUGE hill.. its kind of too dark..

About to sled down the hill on a lid..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Or should I say no-Valentines day! Yes this was the first year in many years that I haven't had a valentine. It's quite depressing actually but I am lucky enough to be surrounded by tons of single friends! Does this say something about my situation.. Maybe so. Anyhow.. this morning a few of us visited a new church. It was super "college like." I was a bit dissapointed becasue the preacher did not speak on love like I love to hear. Either way though it was a nice change and a good message. We had lunch at what seems to be the most sketch place ever. There is a "Big Star" grocery store on the far end of the town. It looks like it has been there for a while and isnt quite the brightest crayon in the box but it has a-mazing plate lunches!! The rest of the afternoon I did laundry and napped. What an exciting and romantic v-day! Later tonight I was studying and heard shreiks and laughter.. yep it was snowing outside!! The most beautiful huge snowflakes have been falling for a few hours now. They've blanketed out lawn and give us all a bit of an uplifting! Even though I'm 20 now there's still something about snow! It makes me smile and want hot chocolate and wish for a snow day! A snow day would be fabulous since Monday is my long day.. this will most likely not happen. A girl can wish though!!

What a great way to end Valentines Day..

What a fabulous roommate I have. Tonight when I got back from dinner I had this cute little valentine waiting on me! This is actually the finished product.. it was originally a scrambled sticker puzzle card! As you can tell it's already hanging on my bulliten board. Thanks Katie, it made my day! :)

2AM? Really?

Wednesday and Thursday I studied oh so hard for a terrible test that I would almost say I would have done the same on.. study or not. But either way Friday night I stayed up till a whopping 3:30 AM! That is super late for me. I honestly think the last time I was up that late was probably in New Orleans last spring for Sigma Nu formal. Oh what great memories I have from that trip! I'm so upset that as of right now I won't be attending a New Orleans formal this year! Anyhow back to subject.. After staying up that late I got up at 6:30 that next morning. I have NEVER gotten that small of an amount of sleep.. except for the night before Senior Year where we never even went to sleep! All of this for a stupid physics test that was soooo difficult!!
Thursday afternoon I went to Booneville for a hair appointment and to grab lunch with Megan. She has been begging for a meeting lately and I wasn't sure exactly why except that she missed me so terribly until we actually got to meet! We had a great lunch that ended with a trip to her car to get my birthday present. I had to open the card first. I didnt cry or even feel that overwhelmed at the time but now thinking back on it.. all those emotions are coming! She had written me this long letter that I will cherish forever asking me to be her MAID OF HONOR!! She included all kinds of memories we have shared like skinny dipping in my pool in elementary school all the way to making cheerleader for the first time together. We have so many memories together.. more than I have yet to make with anyone else! We have kept true to the statement.. BFF! I cant wait to start working on all of her wedding plans! This is sooo much fun already.. it's hard to believe it's getting closer to time to get married. Although it will be many many years before I tie the knot it's fun to think about and help Megan as her day gets closer!!
Friday afternoon a big group of "single ladies" went to see "Valentines Day." Seeing that movie really made me want to get flowers. However this is the first Valentine's day in years and years I haven't had a Valentine! I guess I will settle for buying my own candy and and lust over someone elses flowers.It's crazy how many couples I saw today.. just randomly strolling or sitting somewhere talking. Maybe next year...
Friday night.. Funky's called our names. A group of girls and I went out and danced and laughed the night away with only a small amount of drama from the opposite sex. All in all it was a fun night out that was greatly needed!
Saturday, today, for the most part has been totally worthless. Actually I take that back.. only worthless before 3PM. I attended a Valentines day party at Azalea Gardens, a local nursing/ assisted living home. There was a singer who played their kind of music and they even elected a king and queen for the day. How cute! When I left there I got a strange desire for a cupcake and decided to go on a hunt for one. None to be found in Ox on the Saturday before Valentines at 4. Sad. So then I came back with my slice of chocolate cake from Newks and got ready for my 6:15 appointment with Miss Lily. Lily is one of the kids at the nursery I work at on Wednesday mornings. Her mom needed a sitter for tonight.. and I had no plans so I decided it was a great way to spend my night. We played and played. I even crawled threw a tunnel to get in her tent that i could barely sit up straight in AND sang her requested "Amazing Grace" outloud to her before she fell asleep.(my voices is by far the worst you've ever hear! And no music makes it even worse that imaginable) The things you'll do for a precious little 2 year old... but hey It was fun! Now I'm back in my bed and ready for a great nights rest.. until tomorrow!
Since I've been slacking on my blog.. and this entry's kinda long anyway... and I got way off topic a few times I decided to add a few pictures from way back that relate.. and are a little funny!
This is the big group that stayed up all night before our first day of Senior year! That night was so much fun and I will never forget it!!!! Love and miss all of you!!

This is that same night.. or morning I should say.. about 5AM I believe!

And this is the NOLA trip I was talking about!! The night had just begun here..SOOO much fun!! :)

And last but not least.. in honor of being maid of honor. I found this on a dry erase board hidded in my room. This has been written for atleast 7 year.. I don't think I could ever erase it even if I wanted to! How funny were we! Look at those sayings! ha

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Until Friday...

So I said that I would stay up to date on my blog this week but after realizing I have two tests this week I decided I would not allow myself to write untill Friday after my second test. This is my way of making myself stick to it.. by posting it!
I got my coat in!! I absolutely love it!! Its the prettiest "tiffany's blue" I would say! Its been soooo cold lately it came just in time! That's all for now.. back to studying and bed soon! I get to see my babies in the nursery tomorrow.. that always brightens my day!! Untill Friday.. Hope your week is Fabulous!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


My only Bachelor comment I'm going to make tonight is.. Come back Allie!! I feel like she would win if she stayed but who knows with Jake! I just now ordered my birthday present from my mom. Long story short we picked out a really warm patagonia down coat that I love in a store here but they didn't have the size/color combo that I wanted. I scanned the internet but only found a few with outragous shipping so I gave up till today when I had to brave the cold again. I came straight back from class and found it on the internet at a fabulous place called Zappo's. I had to call customer service becasue the free shipping option was not available. They were the most helpful and friendly service people I have ever talked to! I just could not get over how nice they were. I greatly reccomend calling their help line. The lady even upgraded my membership so I got free overnight shipping on every order from here on out! How cool!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mad as a Hatter

Like I did the other week instead of getting my nails done I bought a fabulous new polish! It's from OPI's new line of Alice in Wonderland polishes. Mad as a Hatter is this one's particular name. Most of them are kinda crazy and not the traditional OPI to say the least. I think they did a great job of representing the movie from what I can tell from the previews. The movie itself looks a little creepy but it's in 3D which seems like it'd be very cool. I'm not positive however that I will be making that one. Anyhow the polish is all sparkles and glitter...kinda purpley siverish is how I would describe it. I have it on now and I LOVE it. The glitter and sparkle is very me and I also like purple as well although I don't usually wear it on my nails. I decided I should go for it though.. You're only young once!!

Long Time, No Blog

O my blog, I have neglected you. I love to write so much but just haven't had a chance lately. Don't worry all.. I'll catch you up on life. My last post was last Monday! Wow I seriously can't believe it's been that long! Anyhow... Here it goes!
I'm in an organization on campus called Student Programming Board (the name is self-explanatory) and I'm on the pageants crew. Tuesday night I worked at our rehearsal for Miss University a prelim for Miss Mississippi. I was a runner for one of our directors so I got to be right in the action. We had 12 contestants all of which put on a great show. The actual competition was on Wednesday night. I love things like this by the way if I haven't mentioned it. The winner was a wonderful girl from a close town to where I'm from and she was in my speech class freshman year. (Best class I've had at Ole Miss btw)She was very deserving. So that is thing number 1 that took up my time this week. Wednesday night Dierks Bentley himself made an surprise appearance in our small little college town! Noone even knew he was coming until the day of the event. I wish I would have had a little heads up to make that event because I love him!! Maybe next time Dierks. Thursday night I stayed in to try and get some homework done. That was a kinda successful attempt but I didn't get as much done as I should. My guy and I had originally planned to go to Memphis Friday night to meet another couple, Meg and Phillip for dinner and a fun night but because of the split a few weeks ago on our part we didn't make that date. Very sad for me because I miss my friend Megan greatly and a split is never happy anyway. Sorry Meg, I'll make it up soon with a girls night! So instead Friday after lunch Crystal and I headed off to our neighboring rival school for a little visit. We decided to go through New Albany on our way for a little shopping at a few cute stores there. We had a successful shopping trip. I come home with a great bright coral and grey dress that I can't wait to wear! We then headed on to Stark for a fun night with some friends. We got all ready and headed to a Mexican restaurant for some fun before heading out. We visited their version of the square called the "cotton district." Even though it was a slow weekend for them it was good to have a change of scenery for us! Its a fun place to visit and I hope to visit again soon but I'm so glad I go to Ole Miss!! Saturday I went home to spend the night and have my mom was my clothes and have a home cooked meal and all that fun stuff. I also painted a big picture of a few places on the square to hang on our bare wall beside my bed in our room at school. It turned out just as I wanted! I was inspired by a similar painting at a shop in town.. the price tag was a little steep though, $150. I painted and personalized mine with the places I like to go minus a few for a grand total of $25. I'm quite proud of myself!! I feel like it needs a little something else in the sky. Let me know if you have and suggestions.

Now I'm back in oxford and finishing a short recap of my week.. ready to start a new one! I promise if I can help it, I won't go this long again without letting out a little insight to my life. Oh and by the way, Super Bowl was tonight incase you are on Mars and didn't realize that. ha It was a bittesweet game for me! I love the colts and I love the saints. I wanted them both to win. I am not a bandwagon fan for either team. I am glad the saints won because they haven't won one yet and they deserve it! I can only imagine what it's like to be on Bourbon tonight!! Who dat?!

Monday, February 1, 2010

And the homework has started to flow...

I've been in school for almost 2 weeks. I've been living the good life so far and have not had much to do other than go to class and enjoy life! But that has ended now.. Part of the reason I haven't had anything to do is because 1. I was techniqually on the wait list for my physics class untill Friday night so I didn't have any access to my Mastering Physics homework because it is all online and blah blah blah I couldn't do it till I was added. 2. My genetics book didn't arrive untill Friday afternoon either. I ordered it online from because it is so much cheaper than buying from bookstores here. So lucky me had absolutely nothing to do last week! That seems fabulous... untill now. Now I have been frantically trying to finish online homework before 11PM when it was due. If it hadn't been my birthday weekend I would have worked on it all weekend ;) but of course I couldnt! I am a little behind.. only a chaper or 2 in my genetics reading. O and new assignments already assigned for next week! I really hope this doesn't effect my blogging because this is something I'm really begining to enjoy. It's so nice to just relieve my mind of all it's thoughts. My exact thought right now is.. "why do I live in a furnace?!" Our room has been uncomfortably warm for quite a few days now and I spend so much time here! Anyhow.. besides the crazy homework finish, I also watched the bachelor tonight. I am so addicted! Every episode gets more exciting!
Now I think I'm finally done rambling.. I'm sorry if it was too much to follow!
Until later,