Monday, February 8, 2010


My only Bachelor comment I'm going to make tonight is.. Come back Allie!! I feel like she would win if she stayed but who knows with Jake! I just now ordered my birthday present from my mom. Long story short we picked out a really warm patagonia down coat that I love in a store here but they didn't have the size/color combo that I wanted. I scanned the internet but only found a few with outragous shipping so I gave up till today when I had to brave the cold again. I came straight back from class and found it on the internet at a fabulous place called Zappo's. I had to call customer service becasue the free shipping option was not available. They were the most helpful and friendly service people I have ever talked to! I just could not get over how nice they were. I greatly reccomend calling their help line. The lady even upgraded my membership so I got free overnight shipping on every order from here on out! How cool!!

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