Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toms.. One for One

Monday night our sister chapter of our sorority in another town hosted Black Mycoskie. I personally did not know the name at first word but Blake is the chief shoe giver for Toms Shoes. This is an organization that I really think is great! There purpose is the sweetest most heart touching I've heard of in retail. Every pair of Toms you buy sends a pair of Toms to a kid in need in another country. Blake started this company after visiting Argentina and helping some volunteers give donated shoes to kids without them. He was truly touched by this and he wondered where their next pair of shoes would come from. Kids grow so fast and people are not as fastly donating. He decided a for profit industry would survive best.. and he was right! They've already donated hundreds of shoes to needy kids since 2006 when they started. His story was really inspiring and kind of funny. He never expected to have the great success he has had today. He said his customers do the advertising and I guess I am a prime example. How can you not help such a great company though?! I personally LOVE my Toms and wear them all the time. There are so many different styles to choose from but I settled on silver glitter because if you know me very well... its just me!

Here is Blake himself giving shoes to the little kids.. Yes he is soooo cute in person!!

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