Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Weekend Before Craziness

I've had a nice relaxing weekend. Excluding spring break and Easter weekend I don't have a free weekend until school is out. It's exciting in a way because springtime in Ox is the pretty much the best ever. I love love love afternoon baseball games and fraternity's spring parties are soo much fun! Anyhow with that being said Friday night I kind of layed low. Em Ellen Megan and I tried out a restaurant that is fairly new to Oxford. It's a sea food restaurant which can seem little sketch at first thought because we are no where near the coast. But we tried it anyway and it was pretty good. I got the tilapia and it was great! After that we just rented a movie.. horrible!! It was called "Invention of Lying" or something like that. The actors were good so we thought it had to be good but we were wrong! Then we called it a night. Saturday morning I took a practice PCAT. That's the entrance exam for pharmacy school. I'm pretty sure this was a waste of time but at least I can say I did it and am a bit ahead of the game. When that was finished I met my mama in tupelo for a little shopping. I've noticed lately that my closet is lacking in 2 areas.. business casual and just plain casual. Yesterday I discovered petite sizes yesterday. I usually shop at stores like Forever 21 or just around the square so length usually isn't a problem but yesterday since I was shopping for more dressy outfits in big girl stores I found it to be a problem. Everything was hitting be at or below the knee. I'm already short and when something hits me there I look even shorter!So we wondered to the petite section of Ann Taylor and everything was a perfect fint! Yay for grown-up clothes!! Last night we went out to eat for my step dad's birthday. He's not a usual step dad, he's pretty much my dad! He's been around since I was 5 and we love each other like the real thing!! Anyhow I came home from that and hung out with my mom a little bit then at about 10 went over to Megs for "just a few minutes" and ended up getting home at a whopping 2:45 in the morning!! We had alot to catch up on obviously! We always do. She'll be in Ox in a matter of months and I can't wait! This morning I went to my home church where I've gone since I could barely walk. Afterward we went to Mi Toro which is pretty much the only place people go after church to eat. You pretty much see the whole town there. This afternoon my mom and I attempted to watch a movie but I fell asleep half way though. I'll have to finish it later on tonight. This little glimpse of home makes me not want to go back to the hustle and bustle of school. This is a rare feeling these days. This semester I have really fallen in love with Ox. I've always loved it but this year I just haven't had any type of desire to leave it. Who wouldntwant to leave it? Minus a few my best friends are there, there's always something to do or a pretty sight to see. I really am not happier anywhere else these days... especially now that it's getting a little warmer! No worries, I'll be back in Ox tomorrow morning for physics! Bliss...

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