Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

O my blog, I have neglected you. I love to write so much but just haven't had a chance lately. Don't worry all.. I'll catch you up on life. My last post was last Monday! Wow I seriously can't believe it's been that long! Anyhow... Here it goes!
I'm in an organization on campus called Student Programming Board (the name is self-explanatory) and I'm on the pageants crew. Tuesday night I worked at our rehearsal for Miss University a prelim for Miss Mississippi. I was a runner for one of our directors so I got to be right in the action. We had 12 contestants all of which put on a great show. The actual competition was on Wednesday night. I love things like this by the way if I haven't mentioned it. The winner was a wonderful girl from a close town to where I'm from and she was in my speech class freshman year. (Best class I've had at Ole Miss btw)She was very deserving. So that is thing number 1 that took up my time this week. Wednesday night Dierks Bentley himself made an surprise appearance in our small little college town! Noone even knew he was coming until the day of the event. I wish I would have had a little heads up to make that event because I love him!! Maybe next time Dierks. Thursday night I stayed in to try and get some homework done. That was a kinda successful attempt but I didn't get as much done as I should. My guy and I had originally planned to go to Memphis Friday night to meet another couple, Meg and Phillip for dinner and a fun night but because of the split a few weeks ago on our part we didn't make that date. Very sad for me because I miss my friend Megan greatly and a split is never happy anyway. Sorry Meg, I'll make it up soon with a girls night! So instead Friday after lunch Crystal and I headed off to our neighboring rival school for a little visit. We decided to go through New Albany on our way for a little shopping at a few cute stores there. We had a successful shopping trip. I come home with a great bright coral and grey dress that I can't wait to wear! We then headed on to Stark for a fun night with some friends. We got all ready and headed to a Mexican restaurant for some fun before heading out. We visited their version of the square called the "cotton district." Even though it was a slow weekend for them it was good to have a change of scenery for us! Its a fun place to visit and I hope to visit again soon but I'm so glad I go to Ole Miss!! Saturday I went home to spend the night and have my mom was my clothes and have a home cooked meal and all that fun stuff. I also painted a big picture of a few places on the square to hang on our bare wall beside my bed in our room at school. It turned out just as I wanted! I was inspired by a similar painting at a shop in town.. the price tag was a little steep though, $150. I painted and personalized mine with the places I like to go minus a few for a grand total of $25. I'm quite proud of myself!! I feel like it needs a little something else in the sky. Let me know if you have and suggestions.

Now I'm back in oxford and finishing a short recap of my week.. ready to start a new one! I promise if I can help it, I won't go this long again without letting out a little insight to my life. Oh and by the way, Super Bowl was tonight incase you are on Mars and didn't realize that. ha It was a bittesweet game for me! I love the colts and I love the saints. I wanted them both to win. I am not a bandwagon fan for either team. I am glad the saints won because they haven't won one yet and they deserve it! I can only imagine what it's like to be on Bourbon tonight!! Who dat?!

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