Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yes.. the president does live in the white house!

Ole Miss had it's ASB elections today! We are quite the political/campaigners here in my sorority. Frankly we just know how to get it done and win an election. This year we decided to run one of our very own, Virginia, for ASB PRESIDENT!! And wouldn't you know it, we won!! She won!! She is the most qualified person on campus in my opinion! She has 3 majors and a minor for goodness sakes plus she's involved in pretty much everything and on top of that shes as sweet as can be to absolutely everyone! I am so proud for her!!! And our sorority house is big and white.. the only white one on campus and it's kind of known for that. So yes the president does live in the white house! :)
Virginia's Campaign sticker-

Genetics test Thrusday!! UGH! Wish me luck..

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