Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Tease

Relief and Nervous. These are the two words I felt after my genetics test today. There wasn't quite enough time which makes me nervous about my grade but mainly I feel relief. I hate having a test hang over my head and it feels so good to have all my tests taken for a while. Today was a perfect day to be relieved. It was actually sunny and warm. Warm being about 45 which is warm compared to recent days. I just wanted to be outside all afternoon but it was bit chilly so instead of a walk around the square I opted for a drive. This is a tease that spring is here though I know it really isn't. There's still quite a few weeks before the pretty sunny warm weather is here!.. but I can not wait! Spring just makes everything better.. I'm not as stressed usually and I just want to smile. Its pleasant to be outside and fresh air is always a plus! And did I mention that SPRING PARTIES are almost here?? I love them.. they make me happy.. and they will be here before I know it! What's better than dressing up like a redneck and heading to a field party or competing against other sororities in dance and cheer competitions?! I personally live for the last two. I never quite got the dance and cheer out of my system in high school. All of that being said, I hope this nice weather sticks around for a while. Tomorrow night is date party.. the theme is Mardi Gras which should be fun! I can't wait to dance the night away.. hope my date is up for it!

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