Saturday, January 22, 2011

T-shirts Much?

I don't want to go back to school!!!!!

Ok, yes I do.. but I'm really going to miss:

Not having to wake up early and walk across campus to class

Not having horrible tests to prepare  try to prepare me for Phamacy School



Having my mom cook whatever I want for dinner

My puppy

My big closet and own personal bathroom!

Free time.. and casual book reading

My family although I still see them almost all the time

Buttttt.... I'm really looking forward to:
Sharing a room with my fabulous roommate!
Moving back in the house with 85 of my closest friends
A schedule
Gossip Girl returning
Late night chats
House hunting with the roomies for next year

Every single thing about Oxford!!

I leave tomorrow which brings me to the title of this blog post. I've been packing all day since about 8pm. I've just about got it all ready to load up tomorrow as soon as church is over! What I have noticed though is that I have aquired over my college career about a milion t-shirts! Seriously!! It's a tab bit ridiculous.

Yes, my friends, this is a clothes basket filled completely to the brim with t-shirts... and thats not even half!

Friday, January 21, 2011

One last baking..

One last cupcake baking before going back to school tomorrow or Sunday. I live in the sorority house and we don;t have full range on the kitchen so it's not so easy to bake!

One last cupcake (or all 12) before my Spring Break diet begins. Have I mentioned we're going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic or spring break? Well we are and I'm determined to shed a few pounds before laying on that beautiful beach!!!

One last cupcake baking as a 20 year old. Yep that's right.. this gal turns 21 next Sunday.. 8 days!!

One last cupcake that is wonderful Devils Foodcake with Cream Cheese icing.. out of a box/can but still amazing!! Swirly icing courtesy of a plastic zippy bag and a pair of scissors!


The Beach in January..

Yes we did go to the beach in January. It's not that most popular time to go and its not the same experience as the summer but fun all the same. We ate tons of good food and had a wonderful time. While we were there we decided to go to the 3oA Songwriters Festival which was a whole lot of fun. If you're ever in the area around this time I would definitely recommend you check into this. It will for sure me a good time! :) Here are some pictures from our fabulous trip..

I am the girl who can't even look at an onion, turns her nose up at most green things, can turn away strawberries (yes I know I'm weird) but I LOVE these slippery raw oysters!! I think this picture was taken half way through this dish. We hit up happy hour at a cute little restaurant in Seaside and got a dozen oysters for $5! We like it so much that we each got a dozen.. and they were all gone by the time we left! We did a fun thing a few nights while we were there. We had progressive dinners.. you know appetizer at one restaurant then on to dinner at the next and finished up with dessert at a third! It really was so much fun!!
This was the Songwriters Festival... Yes we were backstage! ;)

Laying by the pool.. actually no just hanging out in the hot tub but I wish it was hot enough for the pool!! I did get a small tan line though!

A beautiful sunset view

Thanks for a wonderful long weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

baking blunders

Doesn't that look wonderful? To me, bread is one of the best things to eat.. especially fresh out of the oven. While preparing for the snow that came to visit my mom like everyone else in the city went grocery shopping. Although at that time there was still some pre-made bread on the shelves she picked up this frozen bread dough. We all love homemade bread around here but not so much the task it is to make it completely from scratch. This was the perfect solution. It was oh so good! I won't tell you how much of this stuff I've eaten since last night! ;)

Blunder #1 of the post: My mom left the bread out to rise late yesterday afternoon. The directions said to leave it 5-7hrs or until the bread had risen 1inch above the pan. My mom went to bed kind of early and left me in charge of the bread. Later that night I remembered the bread that I should have checked on a few hours before. It had risen about 3inches above the pan! I cooked it and it turned out pretty wonderful anyway but it was not evenly cooked. Ok, not that bad but still much to be worked on.

Blunder #2 of the post: My mom had to work late today so I decided that I would cook dinner. I had been craving chicken spaghetti for a while so decided that would be my dish. I gathered the ingredients and prepared it for the oven. My mom came in a little before I was to put it in the oven and happened to ask what kind of chicken I used. Light bulb- I hadn't used any! Somehow I had gotten through the chicken spaghetti recipe without using any chicken. Luckily it was a quick save and dinner went on as normal!

Note to future husband: I will learn to cook eventually, I promise! You and the kids will not starve.. I'm working very hard to become domestic!

Hope you've had a wonderful and warm day with all this snow still on the ground!

Until next time,

Monday, January 10, 2011

No Bread for Booneville

Can you guess what this means?

What's missing from this pictures?

Reid always tells me Booneville people are crazy and weird..

I guess I proved Reid right because I am the crazy girl taking pictures of aisles in Wal-Mart.

This would be the bread aisle in Wal-Mart on Sunday afternoon.

Why is the bread aisle empty on a Sunday afternoon?


Well our forecast for the next few days read snow Snow SNOW!!!

When you live in a place like Booneville a little snow can make you go wild.

What are we going to eat for a whole day if we get snowed in?

Bread I guess...

I've really never understood why everyone rushes for bread when the weather gets icy but they do!

I guess its something basic and versatile to survive on.

Well guess what happened next....

The snow came!!!! It really came.. it snowed and snowed and snowed some more!!

We got between 8 and 9 inches!!

In a town that barely gets snow at all this was wonderful!!!

So all day today children young and old got out to play in the white fluffy stuff!!

I think every other house had a snowman.

Megan and I went to a house where about 10 or 15 kids around our age were playing.

We sledded (is that a word)

We also made some beautiful snow angels.

We enjoyed the snow!!!!

Thanks so much God for this wonderful white blessing! :)



Once again I've fallen behind on my blogs posts and once again I've decided to pick back up..I've been doing lots over the break... and alot of nothing as well!
Many trips have been made with Megan to Tupelo or just wherever else we can think up to go.
We are so bargain/antique shoppers let me tell you!!
I've also spent alot of time with Reid and his family this break. I'm starting to become Reids little sister Allie's full time roommate! haha Hope you didn't mind too much Allie! :)

We decided to go with a low key New Years Eve this year since it was so stormy and tornadoish. We just loaded up and headed to Whiskey Island for a few nights with Reids family, Nathan and JR. What a fun and relaxing weekend we had!!

As you can see below, I wore a crown all night long. Even though it was paper, a girl can never pass up an opportunity to wear a crown!!

Yes Reid does have on his Orvis briar pants as everyday pants! I guess I can let it slide since we are at a hunting camp! ha

On my latest trip to Reid's I begged and begged him to take me to GiGi's cupcakes. I've heard my roommate and many others rave about how wonderful they are and if you know me, you know I love cupcakes! So off we went.. Reid tried to act like he wasn't that excited about it but when we arrived at the lovely shop Reid defiantly jumped right out of the car and didn't even turn it off. Yes you heard me right, the guy that wasn't even excited to get one of those tasty cupcakes left the car running to rush in and get that yummy greatness!! haha We got there kind of late in the afternoon so a few flavors were sold out unfortunately. We settled on 3 flavors to try this time.

Wedding cake, Peanut Butter Cup, and Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip

Now that I'm here all week and halfway snowed in I must complete some things on my To Do list like:

- complete my pharmacy application process

- check in to getting my books for this upcoming semester

- start a spring break diet (yay for Punta Cana)

- organize everything to make my life easier

- do a project like paint something or restore something

That's all for now...

And here I am..

...With a new background. I inteded to do this post alot earlier in the evening but finding a new blog backgroud is alot harder than it seems. Now I'm about to fall over from exhaustion because I never stay up this late at home.. a real blog post to come tomorrow! :)