Tuesday, January 11, 2011

baking blunders

Doesn't that look wonderful? To me, bread is one of the best things to eat.. especially fresh out of the oven. While preparing for the snow that came to visit my mom like everyone else in the city went grocery shopping. Although at that time there was still some pre-made bread on the shelves she picked up this frozen bread dough. We all love homemade bread around here but not so much the task it is to make it completely from scratch. This was the perfect solution. It was oh so good! I won't tell you how much of this stuff I've eaten since last night! ;)

Blunder #1 of the post: My mom left the bread out to rise late yesterday afternoon. The directions said to leave it 5-7hrs or until the bread had risen 1inch above the pan. My mom went to bed kind of early and left me in charge of the bread. Later that night I remembered the bread that I should have checked on a few hours before. It had risen about 3inches above the pan! I cooked it and it turned out pretty wonderful anyway but it was not evenly cooked. Ok, not that bad but still much to be worked on.

Blunder #2 of the post: My mom had to work late today so I decided that I would cook dinner. I had been craving chicken spaghetti for a while so decided that would be my dish. I gathered the ingredients and prepared it for the oven. My mom came in a little before I was to put it in the oven and happened to ask what kind of chicken I used. Light bulb- I hadn't used any! Somehow I had gotten through the chicken spaghetti recipe without using any chicken. Luckily it was a quick save and dinner went on as normal!

Note to future husband: I will learn to cook eventually, I promise! You and the kids will not starve.. I'm working very hard to become domestic!

Hope you've had a wonderful and warm day with all this snow still on the ground!

Until next time,

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