Friday, January 21, 2011

The Beach in January..

Yes we did go to the beach in January. It's not that most popular time to go and its not the same experience as the summer but fun all the same. We ate tons of good food and had a wonderful time. While we were there we decided to go to the 3oA Songwriters Festival which was a whole lot of fun. If you're ever in the area around this time I would definitely recommend you check into this. It will for sure me a good time! :) Here are some pictures from our fabulous trip..

I am the girl who can't even look at an onion, turns her nose up at most green things, can turn away strawberries (yes I know I'm weird) but I LOVE these slippery raw oysters!! I think this picture was taken half way through this dish. We hit up happy hour at a cute little restaurant in Seaside and got a dozen oysters for $5! We like it so much that we each got a dozen.. and they were all gone by the time we left! We did a fun thing a few nights while we were there. We had progressive dinners.. you know appetizer at one restaurant then on to dinner at the next and finished up with dessert at a third! It really was so much fun!!
This was the Songwriters Festival... Yes we were backstage! ;)

Laying by the pool.. actually no just hanging out in the hot tub but I wish it was hot enough for the pool!! I did get a small tan line though!

A beautiful sunset view

Thanks for a wonderful long weekend!

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