Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two Decades Old

So I have to say that I stole "two decades old" from my from my fantastic friend Skyylar. I didn't get to see her on my birthday this year which made me sad.. but she promised to visit soon so it's all ok. I had a fabulous birthday! I had to wake up early and go to a pre initiation thing for my sorority. That all went well and I got many birthday wishes during it which is always fun. After that my mom came to town to see me. We just wandered around the square and town all afternoon. I finally decided on a light blue puffy patagoinia for my birthday present. Of course they didn't have one in my size though so we had to order it. My mom and I had a great day together and it was great to see her! Later that night because of initiation we had a parents club silent art auction which was fun to walk around through. When we finished there Mom and I decided to eat at a place called Snack Bar.. We had a fabulous dinner there. I had snapper and my mom had chicken. We shared some oysters for an appetizer. It was all very yummy!! Believe it for not I love raw oysters. I am usually such a picky eater. We finished our dinner at Holli's Sweet Tooth. I have discovered teh best thing.. cake batter icecream with hot fudge and caramel. YYYUUUUUUMMMMM!!! After that I met up with my friends for a littel Miss America. I am obcessed with pageants!! By the way I thought it was the sweetest thing when it showed her parents crying! So sweet.. they were so proud! By then the night had gotten a little bland until someone mentioned the square and I quickly agreed we should go! As we drove to find a parking spot I could hear the great music flowing through the windows. This was going to be a great night! We had soo much fun dancing. By the time we got there we only had about 45minutes to dance before the bars closed. That was all the time we needed though! Our night finished with the "Hey Song" and "Slow Dixie". I can not think of a bette way to end it1 Everyone in the bar was shouting every word!! Birthday Success!! :)
Initiation was today! It was so weird to think it's been a whole year since mine! Wow how time flies! We had anchor cake at the brunch. This is a favorite at our house! Who doesn't love a giant cake in the shape of an anchor?! By the way, did I mention that my mom also brought a birthday cake for me that we had during the Miss America Party? Yea that means I had 3 cakes 3 days in a row. I'm defiantely not complaining though.. I love birthday cake! What a great birthday I have had!

Anchor cake.. and yes it is that big! I would guess around 5 or so feet.

This is the birthday cake my mom sent. Very classic cake with of course pink roses.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Eve

So today is my birthday eve. If you haven't already discovered this about me, I like to drag my birthday out as long as possible! I love to celebrate my birthday and other people's birthdays as well. There's just something about candles on a cake and bows on presents that makes my heart light up and spreads a smile across my face. This day has been fabulous.. and freezing! When I woke up this morning I went to get my towels out of the dryer where I had left them and gone to bed the night before. I opened the dryer door and there sat my towels all stacked and nicely folded! What a great surprise and start to my day! I know that's just something small that anyone could do but it really started my day off right! This just goes to show a small act of kindness never goes unnoticed. I still have no idea who was responsible for this act but if you're reading, Thank you! :) After that I got ready for my 9am class I checked the weather on my phone and saw frigid temperatures and sleet was waiting for me. I started to plan my outfit in my head and decided leggings would be my best choice because being the shorty that I am all of my pants touch or drag rather the ground as I walk and I didnt want soaking pants legs and I chose tennies for my feel. I opted just to layer 2 long sleeve t-shirts and top with a thin rain coat because it should be "wind proof". Wow, did I make a mistake in clothing choice. To say that I was lacking in the warmth department would be an understatement! My leggings were super thin and wind swept right through them, my rain jacket was too light and did nothing for warmth, my feet were soaked to the core along with my leggings.. and by the end of the trip my hands and ankles, both exposed, were tingling! O, and did I mention that there were icicles forming on the tips on my umbrella.. Yea! When I say this was harsh winter weather do take me seriously. I wanted to cry walking to and from class today, and a friend did see a girl literally crying walking to class. Luckily I only had one class or might have done the same! ha Anyhow I made it to and from without hypothermia and that is my pity story about my cold morning.
Side Note: Classes were cancelled at noon today on campus. This was great except for only about 10 people on the whole campus have Friday classes after noon.. but great thought Ole Miss!
When it had warmed up a tad I decided to go shopping on the square for a new dress to wear for my birthday dinner. I walked around for o.. about 3 hours. Just browsing and shopping and walking and enjoying the rain if that's possible. After several trips to every store I settled on this fabulous leopard dress! I was nervous at first about it because it was a little wild but decided it was my birthday and my style sometimes is a little over the top anyway! I love sequins and rhinestones and animal print. Gaudy is a good word for it.
I proceeded to get ready for the night. My friends and I were having a birthday celebration in the basement of Boure! The basement is pretty much just a private party room but I love it! It seems more fun to be in the basement! I think I had 19 people end up coming which was awesome! I have always loved birthday parties and I hope I'm never to old to have one. We had fabulous food and great fun with all of my friends that were able to make it! Ellen entertained us all at one point with her funny life! I'm telling you she's one of the funniest people I know and she has the funniest things happen to her! I love her!! Crystal and Emily were so sweet and got a birthday cake for us to enjoy. They told the story of how they searched the town for a decent cake. Many of the bakeries were close due to weather so it was not an easy task. They ended up having to go behind to counter at Big Star to decorate the cake themselves!! How funny is that!! I love it and it makes it all the more special! Tonight was great.. I couldn't have asked for more except for it to last longer!! Thanks so much to all you girls who made it.. Yall are each so special to me and fabulous!

All the lovely ladies minus a few that made my day special!

Blowing out my candles picture with the beautiful cake Crystal and Emily worked so hard on. I forgot to mention earlier that the first attempt at decorating the cake ended up looking similar to a pile of green spaghetti on top due to equipment malfunction but they did a great job to fix it beautifully!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pink Pick-Me-Up

Today was just one of those sad days. None of my roommates were in the room. I had already napped for a bit and it was still early in the afternoon plus our room was a furnace to say the least. I don't have any school work yet although it will hit me soon. Just one of those days, you know. So I decided to get in my car and go somewhere. I decided I would go get my nails done. As I drove though I was totaling what my bill would be in my head and thinking how long I'd have to wait and all. Then it occured to me that a bottle of nail polish usually runs about $8 for a good kind and getting my nails painted would cost between $15 and $20. This is kind of crazy when you think about it. Now don't get my wrong I love a good set of acrylic nails anyday and I absolutely LOVE pedicures but today I decided to go for the more thrifty and practical option. So after a few loops around the square and through town I headed toward our Hallmark store. I know that sounds like a very strange place to get nail polish but believe it or not it is one of the only places in this town that sell OPI polish. This is also a crazy fact to me.. I mean this is a college town with lots and lots of girls but anyhow. After several minutes of deliberation I settled on a Barbie pink color called "Shorts Story". OPI has the cutest names for nail polish!! So I headed back to the house to try out my new purchase! Success!!

Tonight my friends and I attended a speaking entitled "Girls Night Out". The speaker for the event was author of many useful books for girls around our age including "Sex in the City Uncovered" and "The List", Marion Jordan. She spoke about her life in college and the mistakes she made throughout her college career and into her single young adult life. Her story was amazing and she was a great speaker!! She said many things that are worth remembering and worth repeating. Tonight though I'll share a funny one: "Never Ever, never ever believe what a boy says in a hott tub!!"(or something of that effect)This is such a true statement! She was mainly talking about "The Bachelor" but it is also just a common rule of thumb I believe. Something about the attire or the warm water jets I believe. As you can tell she spoke mainly on relationships and self value.. self esteem and Gods impact on all of this in our lives. Wonderful!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank Goodness I'm Not.....

That was the theme of our swap last night. A great idea.. easy to mess up.. but very fun!! For those who may not know a swap is a social party usually at a bar where a fraternity and sorority come together to have a "meet and greet". They all have themes and you dress up appropriately. There were so many funny costumes there.Examples: many pregnant people, many "Jersey Shore" cast members, lots of red necks, high schoolers, and many rival team fans/players. Like every good little Ole Miss girl should.. I went as (thank goodness I'm not) a LSU fan. They are our major rivals and who we want to beat in football every year most! They are loud, wild, crazy and most of all obnoxious.. even with their clothing. I chose to wear a deep purple long sleeve dress with some bright yellow leggings gold shoes and as much gold/yellow and purple jewelry as I could find. I topped my outfit off with lots of purple eye shadow and a big yellow half way up bow! Pictures to come..
That big yellow polka dot ribbon threw me back to high school. We wore those to almost every sporting event and I loved it! I would still wear bows today if I wouldn't look crazy. Everyone's hair looks better with a bow I'm convinced. I blame a small amount of my bow obcession on my mom.. not because she forced me to wear ginormous bows on my head from the time I had hair but because she didn't. My mom never forced or really convinced me to do anything. This is why I believe I'm so obsessed with them and go ahead a feel sorry for my daughter one day because she will have huge ones every. single. day. I also "blame" my mom for my love of pageants and cheerleading. She never forced me to do either like some moms do and that could be why I love them so much. Anyhow off track again as for my bow situations.. For now I have to stick with my simple decorative hair pins which I do love so much.

Monday, January 25, 2010

it's monday again..

I got to sleep till 8:15 this morning! Today and Fridays are the only school days I get this luxury. Tuesday and Thursday I have class at 8 and Wednesdays I attend my 9:00 at 8 so I can make it to the nursery on time. I am a late sleeper to say the least. I've tried before to classify myself as "night owl" or "morning person" and decided that I fit neither of those. I just LOVE to sleep. If I had to choose though I would have to say night owl. Anyhow.. We had our first full out ballet class today and I have to say it was a bit of a workout! I didn't expect it to be so strenuous but I am in fact glad it is. I need a little exercise and this is just the way for me to get it. Our teacher has a great (french I think) accent and I just love the way he pronounces all of the names of the moves we are doing. I think this will be my favorite class yet.
Tonight we watched the Bachelor. I've lately become obsessed with it.. even though I feel alot of it is silly and staged these days. I wish I could say that I have watched it every season but I haven't since it's first few seasons. After tonight there's 5 girls left. I have my favorites of course which are Allie Tenly and Corrie. I don't know what my point was in talking about this except for I can not wait to see what happens next week! Hope I haven't been much of a rambler lately.. I just really love talking about my day even though its uneventful and probably unread. ha
Lately I've just felt very blah and dreary. I need restoring this week.
“He leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul.” -Psalm 23:2

Dreary Dreary

What a slow dreary weekend it has been. Nothing much to write about but I feel like writing so here I go.
Great Points of my weekend:
1. I got to sleep in Saturday morning.
2. We walked around on the downtown square Saturday afternoon which was so great! Who can't love that even though it's a little cold.
3. I made it to church on time this morning AND to Sunday school to hear a great message.
4. The Saints and the Colts are going to the super bowl!!!! That will be an awesome game even though I dont know who I'll root for. My brother and sister-in-law lived in New Orleans for a few years and still reside in the area so of course the love the Saints. And it's just something about being from my neck of the woods that makes you love the Mannings. Either way I'm excited!
Other than that it was a bland weekend. I decided to go out Saturday night because I hadn't been out since I got back to school. It was pouring down rain.. We got soaked from the car to the bar and then around the square to see what else was hopping. I did nothing productive today except watch the new Lifetime movie "Pregnancy Pact". That is the most absurd movie which is actually based on a true story. I love my friends with all my heart but that is one problem they will have to manage without feeling my empathy. It was a good break from the regular of this weekend. Now I'm snuggled up in my bed.. with just a little something off. I know it will all work itself out and life will be grand again when the sun comes up. Until then wishing for sunny days..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Found Desk

I finally found the desk I have been looking for. My mom actually found it at an antique/flea market. It looked very plain jane but it was small and has lots of side drawers which is what I wanted. So I took it home and started the revamp!
Here it is before:

So then I sanded it all off. It took a few hours and my carport was covered in dust along with myself. Then I just blindly started painting it.. no real plan in mind. My faborite part was the drawers.I painted them all different colors and designs. I am still a fan of animal print so I defiantely painted 2 of them in that style. I finished it out with a gloss and protector on top. Now I'm on the look out for some pretty drawer pulls.
Here is the finished product:

Above this desk is the new mirror that I talked about in my last post. This is the perfect little set up.

Getting Settled

So school has been school the past few days.. nothing out of the ordinary there besides alot of early mornings. I have loved being back so far. I'm the least homesick I've ever been.. this town is beginning to feel like home and my friends like family. This semester will be busy soon so I'm soaking in all the down time that I can. There's so much I want to do before the rush of it all gets here. I want ot visit a neighboring school and visit some of my very best friends there and theres a few other weekend trips I'd like to take. Anyhow back to my life lately..
Thursday my mom came down to bring a few things I left behind when packing for school. As always we went to lunch at my favorite place in the town to get mac and cheese.. Roosters.. Its the best I've ever had. Then we continued on to look for a mirror to go above my new desk (more to come about that one). I wanted a very unique mirror to go with my unique desk so we decided the antique places would be the best bet for that. I found the cutest mirror for a steal and 30% off on top of that. I love its bright gold color and cool details. It definitely was a find!! (Sorry about the open closet and semi messy room in the mirror.. 4 girls in one room is tough to keep in order)

Today, well yesterday now since its after midnight was a good end to the week. I only have one class on Friday so it was nice to be done at 10. I took a nice nap and then enjoyed "fried Fridays" for lunch at the sorority house. After all that I got ready and a group of girls took a trip to Memphis for the evening to go to dinner and just play around the town for a bit. We ate at a great sushi place.. I actually had pizza.. how weird is that, I'm not much for sushi?! but it was actually great!! Then got fabulous cheesecake at a small family run shop. I had chocolate of course!! Then we went to the top of the Peabody Hotel. What a view! We just played and took pictures all night long. We got turned around and accidentally crossed the bridge into Arkansas.. I didn't mind though because the bridge is sooo pretty at night with all the lights on it and the city itself was a light show.

PS: While we were in Memphis I picked up my new attire for ballet. We had a good time reminising on old times as little girls in dance class. I'm excited about reliving that! Dance wear has come a long way since the 90s!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Day back at School

So today was my first day of classes for the spring semester of 2010. It was a great day for many reasons. First of all I woke in a new room in a fabulous new place. Then I continued on to my Physics class which wasn't all that great but ok. Then my second wonderful thing started. I work at a church nursery during the school year only on Wednesday mornings and I absolutely love it!! Today we got to reunite with all our little babies and see how much they really have grown in 6 weeks. They are soooo precious and you cant help but smile even through the craziness!! Today I got to hold a 5 month old little boy for most of the morning and he went to sleep in my arms. This is such a great thing.. sleeping babies. I have 2 nieces that I unfortunately didn't get to see too much during this stage. I know this will be a moment I will cherish when I am older and married and hopefully have to opportunity to be a mom. So on to the rest of my day.. I went back to my room and had visitors all afternoon checking out our new place which I absolutely loved. I hope we have that many visitors everyday!! At 1 I had my ballet class. Yes I'm actually taking a class in college where all you do is dance.. and I get credit for it!! Our teacher is a tall lean muscular man. He's the kind of guy you see in real ballets. He is very good at what he does I can tell already. We stayed on the bar for an hour and a half today working on technique and doing exercises. I'm so excited to brush up on my ballet skills and learn all her has to teach. We ever wear leotards and tights!!! I came back from that for a little lounging in my room and then started getting ready for the basketball game! And that's where I'm off to now.. Hotty Toddy!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Home

So today I transitioned from living in a cave to an actual house!! Yes I did move from the dorm to my sorority house.. and what a great improvement!! I now share a large spacy room with real wooden polished funiture and a closet with a door!! I have 3 new roommates which I love dearly Emily Saralauren and Katie. Our room is filled with warm browns and splashes of color. Alot of our stuff is mismatched because none of us lived together last semester and being the middle of the year we didnt want to buy new things. But its full of love and we are so excited to be here! Our room has two windows that overlook the inside of the house.. which is different but lovely! We have two humongous closets and one smaller and one tiny one which we will use for spare. I will have to pose pictures soon.. Anyhow now I have to get ready for campus crusade so I'll give more info later..

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Early Birthday

What an adventure this past week has been!! I guess I'll just start from the begining..

Tuesday I drove up to Reid's house because his parents wanted to take me to dinner for my birthday. On Wednesday Reid and I were going to have a day out also for my birthday and then on Thursday we were all going to head to his hunting camp for the weekend. All of this sounded very usual because visiting the hunting camp was a common occurance during the winter and my birthday is the second weekend back at school and our sorority's initiation weekend so it would be very busy.. too busy for an out of town dinner. Anyhow we went to a fabulous steak restraunt for dinner and it was amazing followed by a chocolate on chocolate birthday cake!! During dinner and though the night I picked up on a few things most may not have that made me think twice about our weekend plans. You see, I am a thinker. I always have been. Its almost impossible to suprise me because I pick up on little things and over analyze. When I went to be that night I knew that something was in store but I just didnt know what. Reid kept trying to keep his secret in but sometimes would let it "slip." He told me that we were going all over to different places near by. i finally bursted out with "are we going to Graceland?" and he replied with "who told you?!" but in a very serious way! I got a little dissapointed at that point. Ive always wanted to go to Graceland but not for my birthday! ha So I went to sleep thinking the first stop on our adventure would be to visit the king.

So Wednesday morning Reid woke me up at about 7. Lately I have not been a morning person.. I've barly gotten up before 10.. so this was a bit of a stretch. After I was ready reid picked up my bag and packed up the rest and we went out the door! We were spending the night at Graceland.. with Nathan. I guess Reid forgot to mention my birthday day out would include Nathan. I didnt really mind though.. he's fun! So we headed down the road. We drove and we drove and I got more suspisous! I knew we werent going to Graceland and I knew we were picking other people up. As we got futher south I decided we were going to the beach or to New Orleans! Then we stopped at a gas station in a town where some of my friends are from and as I guessed Lori Beth's car drove up filled with girls and bags! Reid had gotten my girlfriends to come along on this trip! Emily Saralauren and Lori Beth were all in the car waiting for me! So as the story goes on we made it to the beach in a matter of hours. The weather was a little chilly but much better than at home!! Our days were filled with shopping, sun and smiles and the night was filled with good food, dance marathons and the hot tub!! This was a perfect trip right before school started. Thanks so much Reid and everyone for making my early birthday so much fun!!

Hot Tubbing it up- notice all of the steam from the cold

We had a great meal and fabulous dessert at Red Bar. We met the cute little man that wore a sweatshirt with a bear hugging him.. he was in the jazz band there.

Also we enjoyed many wonderful sunsets..

I have always loved my birthday and this year has been great so far.. but it's still 2 weeks till my actual birthday and I can't wait!! Yay for two decades!! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

a successful bake with a little help :)

Well.. attempt #1 at marble pound or cream cake was a complete fail!! It turned into the thickest batter.. kind of like biscuit dough! Bakers note to self: always sift cake flour BEFORE you measure it out. This was my biggest mistake I believe. Anyway, the cake was unsalvageable!!

Attempt #2 However proved to be a success!! I have accomplished my goal of making the great little pound cake that has swirls of chocolate though it! I found the simple recipe on the Internet and like I said earlier I am a direction follower so it turned out great! I guess I won't have to rely on the store bought kind that you find in the Wal Mart bakery after all!!

In other news my mom's best friend from high school came to visit us today. She is planning a move to a semi near by town which makes both my mom and I very happy! Right now and as far back as I can remember she lived in Atlanta and we didn't get to see much of her. Although I have many biological aunts that are amazing and I love to death.. the best way to describe Laura is the "fun aunt." She has always been so much fun to be around so it has been a joy to have her! Every time my mom talks about her she mentions her baking especially her homemade chocolate cake!! I have to admit the success of my pound cake is by much help of her. She gave me a great tip that I already live by: "The bigger the mess the better the taste!" I completely agree!! I cant wait to have her live near so maybe we can spend more quality nights like tonight!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Unfound Desk

I know this is my third post today but I really have alot to say that has happened recently and I didnt want to combine it all to one extrememly long post. Its my last of the day... I think! ha Anyhoo.. I have been looking for a desk all Christmas break with no avail. I dont want just any desk.. I dont even want a brand new shiny desk. I want an old raggedy desk with drawers down the side.. kind of small. I want to make this desk mine. I plan on painting it with a whimsical feel. I want to put assorted knobs on its drawers and write inspirational quotes all over it!!It's going to get me through the rest of my college years. I'm a pharmacy student and if you dont have one in your life I will fill you in on my life. O wait, I dont have one when school is in. That may be a bit much I do have a small life but I also study and take tests and go to labs 80% of my waking day. I will spend many hours at my desk over the next 5 years so it's going to be a treasure I cherish. Well as soon as I find it.. I will love it!!

Blog Worthy

I haven't blogged in a few days because I have had trouble deciding what was "blog worthy." I want my posts to be interesting and I want people to keep coming back for more. Anyhow through all of this I've decided to consider life blog worthy. Even if its not that intriguing my life, my memories are special to me. So with that said the past few days..

Not only did it snow here.. it lasted for 3 whole days(as of tonight, it could be possibly 4). All schools were cancelled all over the state and the ones in my town were not only cancelled for that day but for Friday as well because ice was anticipated. The temperatures were in the single digits adand ice did come. I do not care for frigid weather.. neither does my baby dog Jolie. I will post more about her later.. I wish I had a picture of her in the snow to include here. Anyhow even though I enjoyed watching the snow I kept indoors through most of it. I used to love to play in it and eat it and make snow angels and all of that but not this year for some reason. This photo was taken after lunch on Thursday but this is almost how my yard still looks.. just a little less white.

Also like any other time Im at home for an extended peiord of time I cooked! I really do love cooking although I'm not always the best. I'm more of a baker than chef I'd say.. sweets are my weekness. I successfully cooked a chocolate cobler which I devoured almost single handedly in a matter of days. This time I decided to go for something of a little more substance. I chose... chicken torilla soup.. the cheesy kind of course!(Here is the recipe) It was amazing and perfect for the cold. Im getting better and better each time I try.. maybe by the time I'm married and have kids I'll be able to cook an actual real meal!! As for tonight though Im going back to my roots and trying a chocolate creme cake.. I'll let you know how it goes!


I've seen this on the bottom of other people post and thought mine needed one. A signature! I thought this would be an easy task. I'm kind of computer savvy or I'm good at exploring and following directions.. but this was not an easy task. I spent a whole afternoon trying to add the cute little John Handcock to my page with no success. It was really frustrating to say the least. Just now.. well about 7 minutes ago.. I decided to give it one last try and bibbiti boppiti boo a signature!! It was so simple this time. is so easy and works like a charm.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Balls, New Years, Football

I can not think of a better way to ring in the New Year than to spend it with friends in a new town and followed by Ole Miss Football. This describes my past few days. I had the best time a girl could ask for!
To begin my trip I headed across the state for one of my very best friends Deb Balls. We don't have these in our area so it was a brand new experience but o so much fun. All the girls got to get all dressed up and wear long dresses and the guys tuxes. To top it all off we got to dance the night away which is the best part.

The next morning we took off for Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. It was New Years Eve but surprisingly the traffic wasn't all that bad. In the car was my college friend Megan(I also have a high school best friend Megan),Reid, and me. Of course Reid took on the manly duty of driving and Megan and I did some napping. It was a long 7hr drive though, we had to lighten it with a little out loud singing. We made it in time for us to go to our hotels(Megan and I to ours to meet our girl friends waiting and Reid to his family). We had a wonderful New Years in Dallas doing various things.

Friday Megan and I went to the parade and pep rally which took up most of our day. That night though the Emily arrived to stay with us and Julie came for dinner. We went to the House of Blues downtown. It was a great atmosphere and alto of fun. The chocolate cheese cake was to die for!!

Saturday was gameday!! We WON!! Hotty Toddy!! The game was in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium which was AMAZING! We had very high seats but a perfect view! We did the Hotty Toddy chant about a million times and loved every minute of it. It was so much fun there.. who can't love Ole Miss football?! We are already planning for our next bowl appearance to get jerseys!!

To top off a Fabulous trip we stopped by the Galleria on the way out of town Sunday for a little shopping. We only had 2 hours to shop because we had to get back but we made the most of it. Emily Megan and I all left with at least a bag each and Reid left with a smile because we were leaving! He's really a great sport.

My First Blog

Hi Everyone! I've decided to start a blog to simply keep up with my life. As I look back on my past few years I remember so many fond memories. Although I do remember many I know there's tons more I have forgotten. These memories are all very precious to me and I want to have them recorded forever. Also this just seems like a fun thing to do.. I hope I'm interesting enough to be read.
I'm just going to go ahead and warn you. I am a TERRIBLE writer. Sometimes my sentences don't make sense. I'm a rambler and I write as I would speak. My grammar may occasionally be wrong or my punctuation. (This drives the guy in my life Reid crazy.) Anyway, I'm sorry ahead of time for it all. I just want to write. I want my events to be remembered. I already feel a little bit like Carrie on "Sex in the City" but without all the risque stuff and that makes me smile!