Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting Settled

So school has been school the past few days.. nothing out of the ordinary there besides alot of early mornings. I have loved being back so far. I'm the least homesick I've ever been.. this town is beginning to feel like home and my friends like family. This semester will be busy soon so I'm soaking in all the down time that I can. There's so much I want to do before the rush of it all gets here. I want ot visit a neighboring school and visit some of my very best friends there and theres a few other weekend trips I'd like to take. Anyhow back to my life lately..
Thursday my mom came down to bring a few things I left behind when packing for school. As always we went to lunch at my favorite place in the town to get mac and cheese.. Roosters.. Its the best I've ever had. Then we continued on to look for a mirror to go above my new desk (more to come about that one). I wanted a very unique mirror to go with my unique desk so we decided the antique places would be the best bet for that. I found the cutest mirror for a steal and 30% off on top of that. I love its bright gold color and cool details. It definitely was a find!! (Sorry about the open closet and semi messy room in the mirror.. 4 girls in one room is tough to keep in order)

Today, well yesterday now since its after midnight was a good end to the week. I only have one class on Friday so it was nice to be done at 10. I took a nice nap and then enjoyed "fried Fridays" for lunch at the sorority house. After all that I got ready and a group of girls took a trip to Memphis for the evening to go to dinner and just play around the town for a bit. We ate at a great sushi place.. I actually had pizza.. how weird is that, I'm not much for sushi?! but it was actually great!! Then got fabulous cheesecake at a small family run shop. I had chocolate of course!! Then we went to the top of the Peabody Hotel. What a view! We just played and took pictures all night long. We got turned around and accidentally crossed the bridge into Arkansas.. I didn't mind though because the bridge is sooo pretty at night with all the lights on it and the city itself was a light show.

PS: While we were in Memphis I picked up my new attire for ballet. We had a good time reminising on old times as little girls in dance class. I'm excited about reliving that! Dance wear has come a long way since the 90s!

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