Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Early Birthday

What an adventure this past week has been!! I guess I'll just start from the begining..

Tuesday I drove up to Reid's house because his parents wanted to take me to dinner for my birthday. On Wednesday Reid and I were going to have a day out also for my birthday and then on Thursday we were all going to head to his hunting camp for the weekend. All of this sounded very usual because visiting the hunting camp was a common occurance during the winter and my birthday is the second weekend back at school and our sorority's initiation weekend so it would be very busy.. too busy for an out of town dinner. Anyhow we went to a fabulous steak restraunt for dinner and it was amazing followed by a chocolate on chocolate birthday cake!! During dinner and though the night I picked up on a few things most may not have that made me think twice about our weekend plans. You see, I am a thinker. I always have been. Its almost impossible to suprise me because I pick up on little things and over analyze. When I went to be that night I knew that something was in store but I just didnt know what. Reid kept trying to keep his secret in but sometimes would let it "slip." He told me that we were going all over to different places near by. i finally bursted out with "are we going to Graceland?" and he replied with "who told you?!" but in a very serious way! I got a little dissapointed at that point. Ive always wanted to go to Graceland but not for my birthday! ha So I went to sleep thinking the first stop on our adventure would be to visit the king.

So Wednesday morning Reid woke me up at about 7. Lately I have not been a morning person.. I've barly gotten up before 10.. so this was a bit of a stretch. After I was ready reid picked up my bag and packed up the rest and we went out the door! We were spending the night at Graceland.. with Nathan. I guess Reid forgot to mention my birthday day out would include Nathan. I didnt really mind though.. he's fun! So we headed down the road. We drove and we drove and I got more suspisous! I knew we werent going to Graceland and I knew we were picking other people up. As we got futher south I decided we were going to the beach or to New Orleans! Then we stopped at a gas station in a town where some of my friends are from and as I guessed Lori Beth's car drove up filled with girls and bags! Reid had gotten my girlfriends to come along on this trip! Emily Saralauren and Lori Beth were all in the car waiting for me! So as the story goes on we made it to the beach in a matter of hours. The weather was a little chilly but much better than at home!! Our days were filled with shopping, sun and smiles and the night was filled with good food, dance marathons and the hot tub!! This was a perfect trip right before school started. Thanks so much Reid and everyone for making my early birthday so much fun!!

Hot Tubbing it up- notice all of the steam from the cold

We had a great meal and fabulous dessert at Red Bar. We met the cute little man that wore a sweatshirt with a bear hugging him.. he was in the jazz band there.

Also we enjoyed many wonderful sunsets..

I have always loved my birthday and this year has been great so far.. but it's still 2 weeks till my actual birthday and I can't wait!! Yay for two decades!! :)

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