Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Eve

So today is my birthday eve. If you haven't already discovered this about me, I like to drag my birthday out as long as possible! I love to celebrate my birthday and other people's birthdays as well. There's just something about candles on a cake and bows on presents that makes my heart light up and spreads a smile across my face. This day has been fabulous.. and freezing! When I woke up this morning I went to get my towels out of the dryer where I had left them and gone to bed the night before. I opened the dryer door and there sat my towels all stacked and nicely folded! What a great surprise and start to my day! I know that's just something small that anyone could do but it really started my day off right! This just goes to show a small act of kindness never goes unnoticed. I still have no idea who was responsible for this act but if you're reading, Thank you! :) After that I got ready for my 9am class I checked the weather on my phone and saw frigid temperatures and sleet was waiting for me. I started to plan my outfit in my head and decided leggings would be my best choice because being the shorty that I am all of my pants touch or drag rather the ground as I walk and I didnt want soaking pants legs and I chose tennies for my feel. I opted just to layer 2 long sleeve t-shirts and top with a thin rain coat because it should be "wind proof". Wow, did I make a mistake in clothing choice. To say that I was lacking in the warmth department would be an understatement! My leggings were super thin and wind swept right through them, my rain jacket was too light and did nothing for warmth, my feet were soaked to the core along with my leggings.. and by the end of the trip my hands and ankles, both exposed, were tingling! O, and did I mention that there were icicles forming on the tips on my umbrella.. Yea! When I say this was harsh winter weather do take me seriously. I wanted to cry walking to and from class today, and a friend did see a girl literally crying walking to class. Luckily I only had one class or might have done the same! ha Anyhow I made it to and from without hypothermia and that is my pity story about my cold morning.
Side Note: Classes were cancelled at noon today on campus. This was great except for only about 10 people on the whole campus have Friday classes after noon.. but great thought Ole Miss!
When it had warmed up a tad I decided to go shopping on the square for a new dress to wear for my birthday dinner. I walked around for o.. about 3 hours. Just browsing and shopping and walking and enjoying the rain if that's possible. After several trips to every store I settled on this fabulous leopard dress! I was nervous at first about it because it was a little wild but decided it was my birthday and my style sometimes is a little over the top anyway! I love sequins and rhinestones and animal print. Gaudy is a good word for it.
I proceeded to get ready for the night. My friends and I were having a birthday celebration in the basement of Boure! The basement is pretty much just a private party room but I love it! It seems more fun to be in the basement! I think I had 19 people end up coming which was awesome! I have always loved birthday parties and I hope I'm never to old to have one. We had fabulous food and great fun with all of my friends that were able to make it! Ellen entertained us all at one point with her funny life! I'm telling you she's one of the funniest people I know and she has the funniest things happen to her! I love her!! Crystal and Emily were so sweet and got a birthday cake for us to enjoy. They told the story of how they searched the town for a decent cake. Many of the bakeries were close due to weather so it was not an easy task. They ended up having to go behind to counter at Big Star to decorate the cake themselves!! How funny is that!! I love it and it makes it all the more special! Tonight was great.. I couldn't have asked for more except for it to last longer!! Thanks so much to all you girls who made it.. Yall are each so special to me and fabulous!

All the lovely ladies minus a few that made my day special!

Blowing out my candles picture with the beautiful cake Crystal and Emily worked so hard on. I forgot to mention earlier that the first attempt at decorating the cake ended up looking similar to a pile of green spaghetti on top due to equipment malfunction but they did a great job to fix it beautifully!

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