Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Unfound Desk

I know this is my third post today but I really have alot to say that has happened recently and I didnt want to combine it all to one extrememly long post. Its my last of the day... I think! ha Anyhoo.. I have been looking for a desk all Christmas break with no avail. I dont want just any desk.. I dont even want a brand new shiny desk. I want an old raggedy desk with drawers down the side.. kind of small. I want to make this desk mine. I plan on painting it with a whimsical feel. I want to put assorted knobs on its drawers and write inspirational quotes all over it!!It's going to get me through the rest of my college years. I'm a pharmacy student and if you dont have one in your life I will fill you in on my life. O wait, I dont have one when school is in. That may be a bit much I do have a small life but I also study and take tests and go to labs 80% of my waking day. I will spend many hours at my desk over the next 5 years so it's going to be a treasure I cherish. Well as soon as I find it.. I will love it!!

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