Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Day back at School

So today was my first day of classes for the spring semester of 2010. It was a great day for many reasons. First of all I woke in a new room in a fabulous new place. Then I continued on to my Physics class which wasn't all that great but ok. Then my second wonderful thing started. I work at a church nursery during the school year only on Wednesday mornings and I absolutely love it!! Today we got to reunite with all our little babies and see how much they really have grown in 6 weeks. They are soooo precious and you cant help but smile even through the craziness!! Today I got to hold a 5 month old little boy for most of the morning and he went to sleep in my arms. This is such a great thing.. sleeping babies. I have 2 nieces that I unfortunately didn't get to see too much during this stage. I know this will be a moment I will cherish when I am older and married and hopefully have to opportunity to be a mom. So on to the rest of my day.. I went back to my room and had visitors all afternoon checking out our new place which I absolutely loved. I hope we have that many visitors everyday!! At 1 I had my ballet class. Yes I'm actually taking a class in college where all you do is dance.. and I get credit for it!! Our teacher is a tall lean muscular man. He's the kind of guy you see in real ballets. He is very good at what he does I can tell already. We stayed on the bar for an hour and a half today working on technique and doing exercises. I'm so excited to brush up on my ballet skills and learn all her has to teach. We ever wear leotards and tights!!! I came back from that for a little lounging in my room and then started getting ready for the basketball game! And that's where I'm off to now.. Hotty Toddy!!

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