Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank Goodness I'm Not.....

That was the theme of our swap last night. A great idea.. easy to mess up.. but very fun!! For those who may not know a swap is a social party usually at a bar where a fraternity and sorority come together to have a "meet and greet". They all have themes and you dress up appropriately. There were so many funny costumes there.Examples: many pregnant people, many "Jersey Shore" cast members, lots of red necks, high schoolers, and many rival team fans/players. Like every good little Ole Miss girl should.. I went as (thank goodness I'm not) a LSU fan. They are our major rivals and who we want to beat in football every year most! They are loud, wild, crazy and most of all obnoxious.. even with their clothing. I chose to wear a deep purple long sleeve dress with some bright yellow leggings gold shoes and as much gold/yellow and purple jewelry as I could find. I topped my outfit off with lots of purple eye shadow and a big yellow half way up bow! Pictures to come..
That big yellow polka dot ribbon threw me back to high school. We wore those to almost every sporting event and I loved it! I would still wear bows today if I wouldn't look crazy. Everyone's hair looks better with a bow I'm convinced. I blame a small amount of my bow obcession on my mom.. not because she forced me to wear ginormous bows on my head from the time I had hair but because she didn't. My mom never forced or really convinced me to do anything. This is why I believe I'm so obsessed with them and go ahead a feel sorry for my daughter one day because she will have huge ones every. single. day. I also "blame" my mom for my love of pageants and cheerleading. She never forced me to do either like some moms do and that could be why I love them so much. Anyhow off track again as for my bow situations.. For now I have to stick with my simple decorative hair pins which I do love so much.

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