Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blog Worthy

I haven't blogged in a few days because I have had trouble deciding what was "blog worthy." I want my posts to be interesting and I want people to keep coming back for more. Anyhow through all of this I've decided to consider life blog worthy. Even if its not that intriguing my life, my memories are special to me. So with that said the past few days..

Not only did it snow here.. it lasted for 3 whole days(as of tonight, it could be possibly 4). All schools were cancelled all over the state and the ones in my town were not only cancelled for that day but for Friday as well because ice was anticipated. The temperatures were in the single digits adand ice did come. I do not care for frigid weather.. neither does my baby dog Jolie. I will post more about her later.. I wish I had a picture of her in the snow to include here. Anyhow even though I enjoyed watching the snow I kept indoors through most of it. I used to love to play in it and eat it and make snow angels and all of that but not this year for some reason. This photo was taken after lunch on Thursday but this is almost how my yard still looks.. just a little less white.

Also like any other time Im at home for an extended peiord of time I cooked! I really do love cooking although I'm not always the best. I'm more of a baker than chef I'd say.. sweets are my weekness. I successfully cooked a chocolate cobler which I devoured almost single handedly in a matter of days. This time I decided to go for something of a little more substance. I chose... chicken torilla soup.. the cheesy kind of course!(Here is the recipe) It was amazing and perfect for the cold. Im getting better and better each time I try.. maybe by the time I'm married and have kids I'll be able to cook an actual real meal!! As for tonight though Im going back to my roots and trying a chocolate creme cake.. I'll let you know how it goes!

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