Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Home

So today I transitioned from living in a cave to an actual house!! Yes I did move from the dorm to my sorority house.. and what a great improvement!! I now share a large spacy room with real wooden polished funiture and a closet with a door!! I have 3 new roommates which I love dearly Emily Saralauren and Katie. Our room is filled with warm browns and splashes of color. Alot of our stuff is mismatched because none of us lived together last semester and being the middle of the year we didnt want to buy new things. But its full of love and we are so excited to be here! Our room has two windows that overlook the inside of the house.. which is different but lovely! We have two humongous closets and one smaller and one tiny one which we will use for spare. I will have to pose pictures soon.. Anyhow now I have to get ready for campus crusade so I'll give more info later..

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