Sunday, January 10, 2010

a successful bake with a little help :)

Well.. attempt #1 at marble pound or cream cake was a complete fail!! It turned into the thickest batter.. kind of like biscuit dough! Bakers note to self: always sift cake flour BEFORE you measure it out. This was my biggest mistake I believe. Anyway, the cake was unsalvageable!!

Attempt #2 However proved to be a success!! I have accomplished my goal of making the great little pound cake that has swirls of chocolate though it! I found the simple recipe on the Internet and like I said earlier I am a direction follower so it turned out great! I guess I won't have to rely on the store bought kind that you find in the Wal Mart bakery after all!!

In other news my mom's best friend from high school came to visit us today. She is planning a move to a semi near by town which makes both my mom and I very happy! Right now and as far back as I can remember she lived in Atlanta and we didn't get to see much of her. Although I have many biological aunts that are amazing and I love to death.. the best way to describe Laura is the "fun aunt." She has always been so much fun to be around so it has been a joy to have her! Every time my mom talks about her she mentions her baking especially her homemade chocolate cake!! I have to admit the success of my pound cake is by much help of her. She gave me a great tip that I already live by: "The bigger the mess the better the taste!" I completely agree!! I cant wait to have her live near so maybe we can spend more quality nights like tonight!

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