Monday, January 25, 2010

Dreary Dreary

What a slow dreary weekend it has been. Nothing much to write about but I feel like writing so here I go.
Great Points of my weekend:
1. I got to sleep in Saturday morning.
2. We walked around on the downtown square Saturday afternoon which was so great! Who can't love that even though it's a little cold.
3. I made it to church on time this morning AND to Sunday school to hear a great message.
4. The Saints and the Colts are going to the super bowl!!!! That will be an awesome game even though I dont know who I'll root for. My brother and sister-in-law lived in New Orleans for a few years and still reside in the area so of course the love the Saints. And it's just something about being from my neck of the woods that makes you love the Mannings. Either way I'm excited!
Other than that it was a bland weekend. I decided to go out Saturday night because I hadn't been out since I got back to school. It was pouring down rain.. We got soaked from the car to the bar and then around the square to see what else was hopping. I did nothing productive today except watch the new Lifetime movie "Pregnancy Pact". That is the most absurd movie which is actually based on a true story. I love my friends with all my heart but that is one problem they will have to manage without feeling my empathy. It was a good break from the regular of this weekend. Now I'm snuggled up in my bed.. with just a little something off. I know it will all work itself out and life will be grand again when the sun comes up. Until then wishing for sunny days..

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