Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Dresser and Summer Bed

In my last post I mentioned that I have recently redone a dresser for my room this summer. I kind of waited last minute (the Thursday before I was moving on Saturday.) I found this dresser at a thrift store I just happened to stumble upon while exploring Tupelo trying to find something like this. I really only need this for about 2 months because in August I will be moving back into the fully furnished Delta Gamma house (whoo-whoo). Anyhow back to the dresser.. I found it for a whopping total of $30!! How could I turn it down with a price like that?! It was a bit of an eye sore at the moment but a fresh coat of paint can do a world of good!
...before the makeover

Like I said before this was a very last minute purchase so I didn't have much time to make redo this desk. By the time I got home with it, it was getting kind of late and I was exhausted from packing and shopping and all so I decided to take the fast and easy way out. I spray painted it instead of brush painting it. This seemed like a good idea at first but it was not. The top especially was very uneven and it turned into a bigger job than expected. So I got the bright idea to cover the top in magazine articles using ModgePodge. Where do these ideas come from? I'm not sure but I liked the outcome.. for a $30 summer dresser at least.

placing the magazine clippings

In use in my summer room

close up of a few of the articles- if you know me any at all you know I LOVE the shoe!!

I covered the top in fun articles (including but not limited to: "Risks Every Gutsy Girl Must Take", "Wear Jewelery with Confidence" and "Be the Smartest Sexiest Girl in Town"), and then added 5 full page funky high heel pictures. These gave it the color and fun that it needed.
Also I spray painted the handles a metallic champagne gold which went perfectly with the white base color and the colors of the articles. Sometimes the drawers are hard to shut and the paint is already beginging to chip. This desk may not be with me forever but it sure is fun to have for now.

Just for fun, here's a picture of my bed. I sewed each of the throw pillows all on my own. My Nanny was definitely a good teacher! I also sewed my curtain myself. They're made of the pretty french blue giraffe print! I just love all of the white... and the colors go just so! I've officially decided that is my favorite shade of pink!

Since I'm on a roll and showing you all around my room I decided to include this painting I did just a few days before moving back. I'm not so happy with the way the flowers turned out but I love Love LOVE the quote! When I get a chance to go home for more than an afternoon I'm going to redo the top part. But for now here it is..

I apologize for the poor color and lighting in these pictures but I still haven't found my camera charger.


Monday, June 21, 2010

In the past year...

Well Carrie I took your advice and copied your post! If you don't read this fabulous little lady's blog your really should start! She shares her life here. Seriously, go right now and read away!! Anyhow back to the past year..

In the past year, I have joinged the blog world!!! And I love it.. I'm a blog creeper if that's possible!

In the past year, I have lived my life in 4 different rooms! Yes 4... a dorm room, a sorority house room, my home room, and my summer house room. This includes a total of 6 roomates! Madison, Emily, Katie, Saralauren(x2) Madeline and in one week, Chelsie.

In the past year, I have been involved in a serious relationship, been "its complicated" as Facebook would say, and am currently a single lady.

In the past year, I have become independent, really.

In the past year, I have joined to iPhone generation and will never turn back!

In the past year, I have made new friendships and strengthened the old.

In the past year, I have struggled with my major.. with the difficulty of it and just the "do I really want to do this" of it.

In the past year, I was asked to be a MOH to my best friends since 1st grade.

In the past year, I have really felt old for once in my life. Nothing does it like your bff getting married and kids you vividly remember being born growing up.

In the past year, I have become obsessed with my teasing brush, hot rollers, and hairspray.. I barely go a week without using them all and I don't go a day without at least using one!

In the past year, (don't read this mom) I have probably lived at home for the last time, full time.
Sure I'll be there for Christmas break and possibly even part of a summer but never more there than anywhere else.

In the past year, I acquired a love for magazines. I like them all really, any kind will do!

In the past year, I've slowed down. I can't believe how fast my first 2 years of college have flown by! 7 years for pharmacy school doesn't sound so long anymore.. I only have 5 (kind of 4) left. A family will soon follow but no rush on that either anymore.

In the past year, I have become artistic.. or so I'm told. I still wouldn't classify myself as artsy but I do love my desk that I have made, and my canvases here and there, and my chest I have yet to write about. I really love to paint and pretend to be an artist.

In the past year, I have had the time of my life and I have been blessed beyond belief!

Last summer about this time... Miss yall!! :)
I'm sure there are so many more things.. many much more important than these that I am leaving out.. maybe I'll just have to do this again soon. You're right Carrie, it is refreshing! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer House

As promised here are a few pictures of our little summer home..

I told yall we lived in a cabin in the woods and I wasn't kidding! I'm not so much a nature girl but I do love living here. Although it look like we live in the middle of no where we are actually just a short walk from the square! :)

I think I might have mentioned in an earlier post that we had quite a few mosquito friends that loved to visit us on our front porch. Well as part of our anti-bug system we put up this little things along our porch. Fire hazard? Probably! Life saver? Definitely! Without them it would be too terribly hard to enjoy our front porch and my next picture...

Our SWING!! What a great idea Saralauren had to bring this fabulous little thing to our summer home!! We all absolutely love it.. everyone who comes to our house loves it! We swing in this thing all the time and it is wonderful!!

What a great summer this place has in store.. Hurry up Chelsie so our house will be complete!! :)

Week Pre-PCAT

Summer in Oxford is just wonderful! I'm not too fond of my class but I love my free time. My roommates and I have done lots of lounging at various pools and have spent many hour on our front porch swing. My next week though will be very very studious. You can still be studious and go to the pool right?! I'll just be trading my usual People magazine for my PCAT study book. Yes that's right folks, I'll be taking the PCAT this Saturday. I also have an organic test Tuesday so I'll be hitting the books all week long. Blah..

This weekend was oh so much fun! A few of my friends and I attended a party at this fun little (big) lake called Pickwick! We jumped and slid and swam and just partied all weekend. I wish I had a few pictures to prove it but my camera charger has left me which also left me with a dead camera. Finding my charger will be one of my goals on Friday when I make a quick trip home for the day.
Back to the books for me..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain on my very own tin room..

Monday I finally got all moved in to my house for the summer. With every minute it's starting to feel a little more like home. I love it here. It's my first time to really really be on my own. Sure I haven't lived at home in two years but it has always been community living. I've lived in the dorm where there are strict rules, two person rooms, and community bathrooms. Next I lived in the sorority house where these is staff, two three and four person rooms, and yet again community bathrooms. I LOVE community living which I partially blame on me not having any sibilings around growing up really. This is so different though. Yesterday was a fabulous day.. my first real day in my new house. I went to class at an early 8AM then came back for a short nap then packed up with my roomies for an afternoon at the pool and finished the night with a glass of wine on our front porch swing. BLISS!! What more can a girl ask for?
Last night while swinging on the porch Madeline and I came to the conclusion that our house was a cabin. We really feel like it is. We have a fabulous tin roof and are surrounded on 3 well really 2.5 sides by woods. The mosquitos will get you here too.. I'm pretty sure we will have bought WalMart out of citronella by the end of the summer. And it has a porch that is perfect for sitting at night after the sun has gone down. It's a perfect little summer home and we all love it!
Now I'm relaxing in my bed rewatching season 1 of Gossip Girl and listening to the rain hit our tin roof and the thunder roll. I'm one happy little girl right now!