Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week Pre-PCAT

Summer in Oxford is just wonderful! I'm not too fond of my class but I love my free time. My roommates and I have done lots of lounging at various pools and have spent many hour on our front porch swing. My next week though will be very very studious. You can still be studious and go to the pool right?! I'll just be trading my usual People magazine for my PCAT study book. Yes that's right folks, I'll be taking the PCAT this Saturday. I also have an organic test Tuesday so I'll be hitting the books all week long. Blah..

This weekend was oh so much fun! A few of my friends and I attended a party at this fun little (big) lake called Pickwick! We jumped and slid and swam and just partied all weekend. I wish I had a few pictures to prove it but my camera charger has left me which also left me with a dead camera. Finding my charger will be one of my goals on Friday when I make a quick trip home for the day.
Back to the books for me..

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