Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer House

As promised here are a few pictures of our little summer home..

I told yall we lived in a cabin in the woods and I wasn't kidding! I'm not so much a nature girl but I do love living here. Although it look like we live in the middle of no where we are actually just a short walk from the square! :)

I think I might have mentioned in an earlier post that we had quite a few mosquito friends that loved to visit us on our front porch. Well as part of our anti-bug system we put up this little things along our porch. Fire hazard? Probably! Life saver? Definitely! Without them it would be too terribly hard to enjoy our front porch and my next picture...

Our SWING!! What a great idea Saralauren had to bring this fabulous little thing to our summer home!! We all absolutely love it.. everyone who comes to our house loves it! We swing in this thing all the time and it is wonderful!!

What a great summer this place has in store.. Hurry up Chelsie so our house will be complete!! :)

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