Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Balls, New Years, Football

I can not think of a better way to ring in the New Year than to spend it with friends in a new town and followed by Ole Miss Football. This describes my past few days. I had the best time a girl could ask for!
To begin my trip I headed across the state for one of my very best friends Deb Balls. We don't have these in our area so it was a brand new experience but o so much fun. All the girls got to get all dressed up and wear long dresses and the guys tuxes. To top it all off we got to dance the night away which is the best part.

The next morning we took off for Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. It was New Years Eve but surprisingly the traffic wasn't all that bad. In the car was my college friend Megan(I also have a high school best friend Megan),Reid, and me. Of course Reid took on the manly duty of driving and Megan and I did some napping. It was a long 7hr drive though, we had to lighten it with a little out loud singing. We made it in time for us to go to our hotels(Megan and I to ours to meet our girl friends waiting and Reid to his family). We had a wonderful New Years in Dallas doing various things.

Friday Megan and I went to the parade and pep rally which took up most of our day. That night though the Emily arrived to stay with us and Julie came for dinner. We went to the House of Blues downtown. It was a great atmosphere and alto of fun. The chocolate cheese cake was to die for!!

Saturday was gameday!! We WON!! Hotty Toddy!! The game was in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium which was AMAZING! We had very high seats but a perfect view! We did the Hotty Toddy chant about a million times and loved every minute of it. It was so much fun there.. who can't love Ole Miss football?! We are already planning for our next bowl appearance to get jerseys!!

To top off a Fabulous trip we stopped by the Galleria on the way out of town Sunday for a little shopping. We only had 2 hours to shop because we had to get back but we made the most of it. Emily Megan and I all left with at least a bag each and Reid left with a smile because we were leaving! He's really a great sport.

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