Monday, February 1, 2010

And the homework has started to flow...

I've been in school for almost 2 weeks. I've been living the good life so far and have not had much to do other than go to class and enjoy life! But that has ended now.. Part of the reason I haven't had anything to do is because 1. I was techniqually on the wait list for my physics class untill Friday night so I didn't have any access to my Mastering Physics homework because it is all online and blah blah blah I couldn't do it till I was added. 2. My genetics book didn't arrive untill Friday afternoon either. I ordered it online from because it is so much cheaper than buying from bookstores here. So lucky me had absolutely nothing to do last week! That seems fabulous... untill now. Now I have been frantically trying to finish online homework before 11PM when it was due. If it hadn't been my birthday weekend I would have worked on it all weekend ;) but of course I couldnt! I am a little behind.. only a chaper or 2 in my genetics reading. O and new assignments already assigned for next week! I really hope this doesn't effect my blogging because this is something I'm really begining to enjoy. It's so nice to just relieve my mind of all it's thoughts. My exact thought right now is.. "why do I live in a furnace?!" Our room has been uncomfortably warm for quite a few days now and I spend so much time here! Anyhow.. besides the crazy homework finish, I also watched the bachelor tonight. I am so addicted! Every episode gets more exciting!
Now I think I'm finally done rambling.. I'm sorry if it was too much to follow!
Until later,

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