Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Or should I say no-Valentines day! Yes this was the first year in many years that I haven't had a valentine. It's quite depressing actually but I am lucky enough to be surrounded by tons of single friends! Does this say something about my situation.. Maybe so. Anyhow.. this morning a few of us visited a new church. It was super "college like." I was a bit dissapointed becasue the preacher did not speak on love like I love to hear. Either way though it was a nice change and a good message. We had lunch at what seems to be the most sketch place ever. There is a "Big Star" grocery store on the far end of the town. It looks like it has been there for a while and isnt quite the brightest crayon in the box but it has a-mazing plate lunches!! The rest of the afternoon I did laundry and napped. What an exciting and romantic v-day! Later tonight I was studying and heard shreiks and laughter.. yep it was snowing outside!! The most beautiful huge snowflakes have been falling for a few hours now. They've blanketed out lawn and give us all a bit of an uplifting! Even though I'm 20 now there's still something about snow! It makes me smile and want hot chocolate and wish for a snow day! A snow day would be fabulous since Monday is my long day.. this will most likely not happen. A girl can wish though!!

What a great way to end Valentines Day..

What a fabulous roommate I have. Tonight when I got back from dinner I had this cute little valentine waiting on me! This is actually the finished product.. it was originally a scrambled sticker puzzle card! As you can tell it's already hanging on my bulliten board. Thanks Katie, it made my day! :)

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