Monday, March 1, 2010

More Flakes?

So I didn't make it back to school for physics this morning! It felt like a waste to get out of my huge comfy bed at my house at 7 in the morning to drive an hour and 15 minutes for a 50 minute physics class where all the notes are online and attendance is not taken! See, not very logical! Instead I slept till 10 and took a fabulously long shower in my own shower.. without shower shoes.. and ate a big home cooked breakfast and took my time getting back to Ox for my ballet class. Have I said lately how I love ballet? I do, it's my favorite class! Its much better than genes or electrical currents or even Eskimos(anthropology)!I'm just not in the mood for school these days. My mom gets upset with me daily because she says I'm not serious about school. I think I'm serious just not necessarily passionate. I'm not sure if it's possible to be passionate about pharmacy when I'm only in the early stages...or if I ever will be until I'm working because it's just so terribly difficult and time consuming and life draining! AHHH!!! Well back to happy note or at least half way happy note, it's supposed to snow tonight and in the morning. I'm kind of over the snow now though because it's never deep enough to cover the dirt and we never get out of school for it! I do love to see big flakes fall though.. so if it has to snow I hope it's the big flakes!

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