Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ground Hog Day and ATO Menage Tau

I didn't even check to see how long it's been since I've blogged. It's longer than I would like. I'm going to blame it on my sickness and busy weekend. While I was home this weekend I started feeling a little yucky. Just a sinusy cold type thing so I knew it was nothing major. It got worse however and by Wednesday I decided that I should try and get some medicine before the weekend because boy do I love my weekends!! I decided just to go to the Health Center on Campus. I sat in a crowded waiting room with lots of people who seemed to have about the same thing I did. I watched as we all sat in the same chair to have our blood pressure and temperature taken and then we all rejoined the crowded sitting space. One by one my fellow sicklings went back to see the doctor and came back out wearing a MASK! Yep I had been sitting in the waiting room with about 7 flu victums and we didn't even know it! Lucky I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and luckly escaped the flu I should have caught in the waiting room. I did alot of sleeping and taking some medicine and I felt fine by Friday. Thursday we went to the basketball game and then out after. Thursdays are becoming my favorite night in Ox.
Earlier this week my college friend Whitley (I also have a high school one) asked me if I'd like to accompany her and her boyfriend to ATO Menage Tau date party.Notice I said Tau and not the french worde. Of course I took her up on it, who turns down a date party?! This is really a neat idea for a date party. All the guys get to bring 2 dates and it was really alot of fun! Denver (whitleys bf) cooked some yummy fish and potatoes for us! He's really a great cook!! We then headed to the ATO house for a fun night!
Here's a picture:

Saturday was Sigma Chi Ground Hog Day. Let the spring parties begin!!! It was perfect weather. Every one dressed to a T you could say in their cut off shorts and red neck gear! I think I even got a little sun on my face and chest! It was definately a good start for the season. Pictures to come, I didn't take any but I know someone did! Saturday night we decided to go out again. I've really been the party girl lately. Very uncharacteristic of me! Not much was going on but we had alot of fun anyway! I also have a picture coming of this night! Other Ox news from last night The Gin, an old bar on the square burned down. I mean it went up in flames!! The pictures were crazy. We tried to check it out for ourselves but the roads were all blocked! And today I'm working on all the schoolwork I slacked in this weekend. I have quite alot to do actually! So this is all for now!


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