Friday, March 19, 2010

WP, GP, and BC

The three topics of my blog today all have possible 2 initials and in looking for a catchy title I settled on the initials. And the first..
Wedding Planning! Thursday I accompanied Megan , her mom, MeMe and her fiancee's mom to Tupelo to work on some wedding things. After lunch (mexican) we headed over to a bridal shop to look for some bridesmaid dresses. We were happy to find two styles and two colors for her to choose from. Megan then tried on several dresses for herself but none of them were quite her style or what she was looking for! So after an hour or two there we headed across town to another more personal place.. we got a little lost on the way. We only had about 20 minutes at the second place because we had an appointment with the wedding/reception place Megan was looking at. We only had time to try on about 3 dresses but they were all much better than the ones at the first place. I personally think we may have found "the one" but it was too short of a visit to know for sure! After that we headed to Mt Vernon Place where the wedding and reception will both be held. It is a beautiful place and will be gorgous in the summer! We met with the director and she showed us around and gave us all of the options for pretty much everything! I didn't realize what all went in to this stuff! It will be many many years before I get married but this will definately help me when my time does come! It was sooo much fun helping Meg with everything wedding! I can't wait for more things like this! June 2011 will be here before we know it!!
Gas Pumping- Just another reason that I do love my small hometown! Every Friday and Saturday a little local hometown gas station has attendants working to pump your gas for you. I know this happens in big cities as well but for a higher gas fee and its just not as personal.
ButterCups- They're blooming EVERYWHERE!! This is when you know spring has sprung! I love the little yellow blooms.. it reminds me of being a little girl! I have so many fond memories of picking hands full of these things for my mom to put in vases all over the house! I absolutely loved them.. and still do! The little bright yellow flowers just remind me of spring and bring a smile to my face!
This is all for now...

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