Monday, March 15, 2010

Funny how a pair of shoes can make you feel..

“Funny that a pair of really fabulous shoes makes us feel so good in our heads — at the extreme opposite end of our bodies.” -Levende Waters

This quote is oh so true! A great pair of shoes can make you feel like a million bucks! I have to say they are my weakness.. Completely. Heels especially.. closely followed by wedges.
I received a fabulous pair of shoes for Christmas from my mama. She picked them out herself and surprisingly I loved them! You almost can't go wrong with a new pair of Jessica Simpson's!They're the perfect neutral color and a perfect high height! The lining and soles are leopard print which is definitely a favorite of mine and the leather is patent also a favorite! Anyway they've been the newest to my collection for a while and quite possibly my new favorites! Last time I came home for a weekend I wore them to church and stepped in a terribly small but deep crack. And yea, I came out with a huge gash in the back of the heel that was soooo deep it showed the metal stake in the heel. It made me sick to say the least!
This past Friday I was driving home from school and decided to drive through Tupelo. I passes "the Shoe Hospital".. I had seen it before but this time I stopped by. I have quite a few pairs of nice heels whose heels have been ruined by walking though gravel or mainly the Grove. The cap on the heel has fallen off and the fabric/leather that covered the stake has rolled up. Needless to say I am a bit rough on my heels.. and it's always the ones I love the most. So anyhow I stopped by this little hospital and took in the only two distressed pairs I had brought home with me... my fabulous sling back patent leather black BCBG heels and my new gorgeous nude colored peep toe JS pumps. (Can you hear the affection in my voice because it's there?!) The lady working there looked at both and said she could only help the black ones whose heel caps were missing and leather ruffled. The fact that she could fix those made me ecstatic because they had been damaged for quite some time now. She said she could not fix my nude pumps but she new a trick that could help! She told me to find a crayon that semi matched the color and melt it down and paint in on to the gash.. I did it and guess what IT WORKED!! You can see where it did it because the colors do not match exactly and the surface is not completely smooth but when I'm wearing them you'll never be able to notice! I'm so excited she let me in on this trick because I'm sure through the rest of my life I'll have plenty of other accidents. I have another pair or two that are missing heel caps that will be be sent to the shoe hospital as soon as the house opens back up after Spring Break and I can get my hands on them! I can't wait to have brand new heels again!
My Personal repair job- you can barely even tell!!

Here are they are in mint condition- Fabulous!

I've had shoes on my mind alot lately and the other day I found a cute pair of JS wedges in the mall the other day. I tried them on with all intentions of buying but they didn't have my size! Sad time but I came home to Internet search them and order them! Guess what, I found them for free overnight shipping AND in an even better color!! I ordered "Glorie" in Rustic Platinum and I can not wait for them to come in!! I have a feeling they might just be a favorite and I may just have to order them in desert sand (the original color I loved). They'll be here tomorrow and I will be waiting!
New Wedges=Spring Time

Also I got my first real massage today! Pure Bliss!! I'm a sucker for a good foot rub and a back rub isn't far behind! Definitely worth it!!
That's all for today I believe.. I'll let you know my review on the new wedges tomorrow hopefully!

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