Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm usually a pink girl but...

I decided to try a pretty blue! Pink pretty much decribes me in a nutshell. It's not even an option if color comes up. I dont think that I have ever worn anything on my nails not in the pink/red family before(unless your count "mad as a hatter" as not). Colors are all the rage right now though so I headed to the drug store and fell in love with " For Audrey" by China Glaze. It's something different and I love it. This post is really over due... I first painted them about a week ago! I just redid them though.. they needed a bit of a touch-up.. esspecially my poor pitiful toe that has been through so much trama these past weeks! haha

For Audrey-

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  1. i just wanted to tell you that i love the shout-out you gave to your toe. poor toe is right. i hope its getting better now :) i love this color. you can so pull off pink and turquoise too! you are the best. i'm glad we got to be roomies this semester. :)