Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Woodstock and Double Decker

It has been a long time since I've written 3 posts in one night. Tonight is the night though. I've been slacking lately so I'm playing a little catch up. I have 3 class says of school left in my sophomore year! Wowzers!
Last weekend was Double Decker and Woodstock. We almost got blown away and did get rained on a little bit. All in all it was a incredibly fun weekend though. One of those weekends where you just love being in Ox. Lots of time was spent at the square, live music on Saturday night and Double Decker on Sunday(moved bc of the weather). Baseball games Saturday and Sunday.. we swept LSU by the way! Some guys even brought brooms on Sunday which made my day. My mom came to visit because we had parents weekend here at the Deeg. Friday night we had Taylor Grocery catered to the DG house and a fabulous little DG dinner party which was so much fun! Saturday night some girls and I went to Lenoras on the square where we had an amazing dinner as well! I was pleased to host Lauren for the weekend as well. She's coming to school here next year and it's always fun to come up and get a feel for things early. My weekend recap is a little unorganized and ramble-y to say the least but this was a fabulous weekend!!
Now it's the last week of class before finals. Spring fever is completely in swing.. I never want to do anything school related and I love being outside! I have to keep reminding myself that school is still going on and "You can do this!" I tell myself this alot... I don't know why but it keeps me going!
Off to bed for now.. my writing is getting short!


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