Sunday, April 18, 2010

So we headed down to NOLA to experience Old South..

This we did! Friday around lunch time we all packed up and headed to New Orleans. We had such an eventful ride down. We stopped for lunch in Jackson at PF Changs which was fabulous and then we continued on our way after a brief trip to the Apple store(just for fun). We traveled the rest of the way with the windows down and the music up! What a fabulous ride down minus the traffic...

Friday night we had dinner at Emeril's DelMonico. They had a lovely little piano player that kept us entertained but wouldn't play Dixie for us. Yes, we asked! The food was fantastic and the company was wonderful!! After dinner we proceeded to Bourbon Street. We spent the night dancing in the streets, sipping sweet drinks, and just having a ball! I am not usually a late nighter but this trip I was one of the last ones in. We saw the clock hit 4AM.. Be Proud of me!!

Saturday morning we strolled down to Jackson Square to get a bite to eat. We certainly could not have asked for a prettier day!! I just love the french quarter.. We didn't have much time though because the buses left for the plantation at 3:30!

Old South, KA's formal, is a popular thing here at Ole Miss. It unlike any other. The girls wear antebellum dresses complete with hoop skirts and the boys wear suits with tails. Its always at a plantation. Wednesday before we were invited to the KA house to receive our formal invitation and a rose, how cute?! It's name is very fitting, it's the old south. Anyhow this year it was at Houmas House which was absolutely beautiful. It had a beautiful fountain and patio area as well as a gorgeous front lawn. Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves here and danced the night away! But this fun isn't over yet.. of course we headed back to Bourbon when the buses returned to New Orleans. We had a great time yet again! Around 3 though everyone somehow scattered and only a few of us were to be found. I then decided to accompany Patrick and Martha Claire to Cafe Du Monde. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat so the walk was kind of sketch to me but it was all worth it!! We finished our night with a powdered sugar fight!! The car ride back today was long to say the least but so definitely worth it!! I had an absolute blast and would do it all again in the morning!! For now though I'm exhausted and ready for bed!

Girls picture from Friday-
Saturday morning stroll with a beautiful background-

Saturday Girl Picture-

Fabulous Date in front of the plantation-


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