Tuesday, May 4, 2010

finals are making me fat...

Along with finals come procrastination and also snacking! I have been doing alot of both of these tonight. The DG house had kool-aid packets which pretty much made my day! I've always been a kool-aid kid but it has been forever since I have had it... Yum! I've pretty much snacked on everything in the kitchen!! My fabulous roommate Saralauren just brought Em and I a surprise which has also made my day!! Gooey goodness of a chocolate chip cookie that you cook in the microwave and pour fudge on top!! BLISS!! Just what I needed to get back on task... well right after my blog post of course!

Notice the notes behind it.. definitely what we should be spending our time on.

AND- Avery had her first dance recital last night! I can not wait to see the video but I know she stole the show! Between her mom, other aunt, and I she has to have some dancing genes!!!

All my love,

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