Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day :)

What a great day today is! I am so very thankful to have such an amazing mother!! I'm sure everyone thinks their mom is really amazing.. and I'm sure they're right. But my mom is special. You see, my mom is my bestfriend!! We've spent 6 years (3yrs-3rd grade) just the two of us... this is something many people who are fairly new to my life do not know. Its funny growing up in such a small town I've never had to really tell people my life story and it's not something you just come out and say... and quite frankly it hasn't come in convo with most of my college friends. But my dad passed away suddenly when I was 3 years old. He had a very unexpected heart attack. He had heart problems for a while and even had open heart surgery but he wasn't even 50.. no one expected him to be gone this soon. Anyway, reason number one why my mom is my hero, she has experienced that and lived to tell about it! I can not even imagine what it was like for her to have to go through that. I was too little to really understand but from the stories I've heard it really hit me hard.. I just didn't understand. She had to be strong.. for me! She has to be the strongest women I know! My mom remarried when I was in 3rd grade to the best step-dad I could ever ask for. Reason number two my mom is my hero.. she cared what i thought when she got remarried.. she asked for my opinion and my approval. She married him because he loved me! She put me first.. At this moment it's hard to hold back a tear or two. Just thinking about it makes me so humble and thankful... and BLESSED! I thank my God everyday for giving me such an amazing mom.. and family!!! My mama really is my best friend. I share everything with her. She is my number one go to girl and advice giver!! She knows me so well and always knows what is best. My friends and I were just talking last week about how crazy it is how our moms just know everything. Moms just have an uncanny sense to pick out the good, the bad, and the ugly. They just KNOW.. it's crazy! I guess they've just been a girl long enough to know how girls are! And you know what else.. she always knows how to make me feel better! When I'm sick or sad no one makes me feel the way mama does. She is one fabulous gal let me tell you!!

I can't have a mother's day post without mentioning my sweet Nanny. She is not my biological grandmother but she is the closest thing I've ever had to one. She has kept me almost every day of my life from the time I was 6weeks old until I could stay home by myself. She continued to cook me breakfast and take me to school until I could drive. She is pretty much my second mom and grandmother. I owe so much to her! I would not be the lady I am today if it were not for her! Anytime I would leave her, especially when I got out of the car each day at school, she would say "Be sweet!" Its such a simple and given thing but if you think about it, if everyone would just "be sweet" the world wouldn't have near as many problems. So that, my friends, is my motto: "Be sweet!"I absolutely love my Nanny!

All of this being said I am so incredibly blessed by the women in my life! I am surrounded by amazing, strong, loving women!! If I can just be half as great as they are I will be a wonderful woman. Happy Mothers Day!!

PS:Sorry these pics are sooo old and from High School but all of our family pics are on my mom's camera so these were my easiest access!

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  1. Yes she has been one strong woman! But I will always love her like she's my mom! I love you sweet Johnna!!