Friday, May 7, 2010

Thanks for a fabulous sophmore year..

Today I packed up all of my things from my cozy little 4 person sorority house room and moved back to Booneville. As I pulled out of my "never got a decal when I moved into the sorority house at Christmas" parking spot I took the extra long way off campus.

This year I feel like I have really bloomed here at Ole Miss. I've become comfy in my own skin. I have relationships this year with the friends I met last year. I have made close friends.. I've acquired bridesmaids! :) I've lived on a floor full of girls that have my heart and I have lived in a sorority house with sisters in a room smaller than my own at my house in Booneville shared with 3 other girls and I can not wait to do it again next year! I've learned to be independent and do things on my own but I have also learned that I can depend. I have learned that I will never truly be alone and I've experienced a support system that's unbreakable and always on my side. I know that nothing is completely certain and things change.

I've been hurt.. deeply.. but have learned to forgive. I have loved and I have been loved. I have not been perfect by any means. I have really really fallen in love with Oxford! I have brushed up on my ballet skills and become more graceful. I actually have a planner that I update now.

I have enjoyed myself thoroughly. I have stayed out too late and danced way too much. I have sometimes been too venerable. I have put myself out there. I have missed classes but I have not sacrificed my grades. I have spent many late nights and early mornings studying.

I have been blessed!!

Thank you so much Oxford for my ballin' sophomore year!
(roommies at the baseball game)


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