Sunday, May 30, 2010

Milkshakes for Dinner

Yes.. this is what my mother and I had for dinner one day last week. We have always been a bit out of the norm and I love this about my family! Most of my time at home is spent "just mom and I" so it has been easy to do such fun things. The other night we were leaving Tupleo after a day of shopping. It was about 6pm and we were getting a little hungry and my mom suggested milkshakes for dinner. I quickly agreed and we pulled in to chick-fil-a for an oreo milkshake! Probably not the most healthy or diet conscious meal ever but it does not harm every now and then. Throughout my years at home I have had many meals like this. It was not odd to have chocolate cake for breakfast or ice cream for dinner. I hope that I remember how fun those times were when I'm a mom one day. Of course you can't give your kids things like this for meals all the time but what a treat every once in a while! I have the fondest memories as a child of not following the typical "childhood rules." We ate whatever we wanted, I didn't have a real bedtime or even a curfew when I was older. I definitely was a happy little girl! This may sound like madness but hey, I think I turned out ok! So one day when I have my kids on strict bedtime and make them eat all their food groups at every meal you all have to remind me of what I'm saying right now!

Insert Picture of "little girl Johnna" when I can get my pictures to cooperate! :)

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