Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mad as a Hatter

Like I did the other week instead of getting my nails done I bought a fabulous new polish! It's from OPI's new line of Alice in Wonderland polishes. Mad as a Hatter is this one's particular name. Most of them are kinda crazy and not the traditional OPI to say the least. I think they did a great job of representing the movie from what I can tell from the previews. The movie itself looks a little creepy but it's in 3D which seems like it'd be very cool. I'm not positive however that I will be making that one. Anyhow the polish is all sparkles and glitter...kinda purpley siverish is how I would describe it. I have it on now and I LOVE it. The glitter and sparkle is very me and I also like purple as well although I don't usually wear it on my nails. I decided I should go for it though.. You're only young once!!

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  1. we got that nail polish the other day and i love it!